Oxford Plastic’s Company

1 January 2017

Oxford Plastics is under a critical timeline that requires them to update their current operations. Timing for this project is so critical because the current facility is not up to the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. The risk here is if the new facility is not up and running in a timely manner the EPA could find the company in violation of the standards and is capable of shutting the current process down.

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Local Environmentalist: The land that upper management is looking to purchase would require the removal of several 100+ years old trees. There is an underlying fear that there will be issues with the local environmentalist, thus postponing the project. Current Zoning: The 25-arce lot of land is located outside of the current industrial zoning boundary. This could be a problem because the company may not be able to obtain the proper permits they may need for the expansion. Important concepts from the textbook chapter relevant to the case:

Organizational ecosystem: In this case, there is defiantly evidence of an organizational ecosystem and how the community impacts the organization. The organization is concerned about the local environmentalist’s, the city’s economy and the impact it has on these other interests.

Collaborative Network: Oxford’s Plastics needs to collaborate with the local interest groups to ensure the project goes smoothly. Henderson is already meeting with the Director of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, and this is a ood start to creating relationships within the community. What are your goals for the situation in the best interest of the organization? The way Henderson is beginning to collaborate with community members is a good start for ensuring this project goes smoothing. At the end of the case, Henderson is contemplating whether to hold a meeting with the community members. We feel that this is a good idea. However, before the meeting we feel that Henderson needs to be prepared for objections.

In order to create a win-win for Oxford and for the local environmentalist, we feel that Oxford should offer to sponsor some new trees to be planted elsewhere in the community. If Henderson is able to have the environmentalist approval, the next battle will be working with the local government in order to rezone the land. Henderson is already working with Beth Friedlander from the Economic Department. If he is able to get her support for this expansion, we believe the Governor will change his stance on the rezoning issue.

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