Ozone Layer 2 Essay Research Paper Ozone

9 September 2017

Ozone Layer 2 Essay, Research Paper

Ozone Layer Thinning Caused By CFC s

The ozone bed. What truly is the ozone bed, and what does it make? Be it merely a plastic covering over the Earth? Why do we depend on the ozone bed so much for the Earth s endurance? Without the ozone bed at that place would non be life on this Earth. It protects us from all the bad UV beam from the Sun, so we do non acquire skin malignant neoplastic disease and dice. It besides keeps in the heat so we would non stop dead to decease. Besides it lets in the sunshine heat in. That is why the ozone bed is so of import. How can we protect the ozone bed for future coevalss?

The ozone bed starts about 12 myocardial infarctions. above the Earth s surface and ends approximately 30 myocardial infarctions. above the surface. The ozone bed is formed by the action of sunshine on O.

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It forms when O2 is broken into two atoms. The atoms so attach themselves onto O molecules to organize the ozone bed. The ozone bed is critical to life because it blocks out harmful UV beams. In the ozone there is natural N compounds being released into the ambiance, while the N compounds are being held in, it is doing a menace to worlds and the environment. Besides when CFCs ( CFC s ) are released they are broken down by sunlight doing the Cl to interrupt down the ozone molecules. ( Funk, pg. 1 )

Scientists have been detecting different CFC s, which have been cut downing the ozone bed. Some specific CFC s are things like aerosol tins, and besides what is used in some refrigerants. For this ground CFC s have been removed from aerosol tins. ( Houston Environmental Foresight ( HEF ) pg. 1 ) The first CFC to be invented was CFC-12 by Thomas Midgely, a General Motors Chemist in 1930. This CFC was used in most iceboxs by 1945. Then in the 1960 s air conditioners utilizing CFC proliferate in places so autos, which accounted for more CFC s than all other utilizations combined. ( Fisher, pg. 74 ) Other chemicals, such as bromine halocarbons and azotic oxides from fertilisers, have besides been assailing the ozone bed. For several old ages, get downing in the late 1970 s, research scientists working in Antarctica detected a periodic loss of ozone in the atmosphere high above the Antarctica. The hole in the Antarctic spring and continues for several months before shuting up once more. In 1987, a pact for the protection of the ozone bed was signed, and subsequently 36 more states joined, including the US. Then during the 1990 s a entire prohibition of CFC s was applied to the universe. To supervise the ozone depletion on the planetary degree, in 1991 NASA launched a 7-ton Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite. Orbing the Earth at a velocity of 600 kilometer, this orbiter measured ozone fluctuations

at different heights, and provides us with the first image of upper atmosphere chemical science. The orbiter has showed scientists that the ozone depletion is greater near the poles. ( Funk, pg. 1 )

Global effects Even with the ozone bed, some UV light causes disease today. Three- fourths of tegument malignant neoplastic diseases could be eliminated if people would have on the right protection while in sunshine. A type of skin malignant neoplastic disease would be Melanoma which is normally lifelessly. In Texas the decease rate caused by melanoma has increased by 16 % from 1980 to 1988. Even though skin malignant neoplastic disease is non an environmental menace it has become a major wellness job over the old ages. ( HEF, pg. 1 )

Global clime alteration is expected because of an addition of degrees of C dioxide and other toxins, which can pin down heat in the ambiance. Carbon dioxide helps command the temperature, humidness, rainfall, air current, ocean currents, and other variables of the Earth s clime. By seting C dioxide into the ambiance it is expected to alter largely all of these variables for our clime. Some effects of this occurrence are sea flat rise, addition of tropical disease, harvest betterments in some countries, and bigger and stronger and more storms and hurricanes. It is non curtain when or if this action in our ambiance and clime could go on. Besides if the sum of rainfall declined because of the clime alteration it would diminish the fresh H2O supplies. If that occurred so it would assist the sea degree to lift even more than expected. On the other manus a clime alteration could do the precipitation addition. That would be a asset because it would give a better fresh H2O supplies and do expensive H2O supply undertakings easy to provide, which would be a boot for the economic system of parts of the universe. ( HEF, pg. 2 )

The ozone bed is really of import for the endurance of life on Earth as you can see. Even though we have banned CFC s can we truly halt the ozone from catastrophe? Peoples have to take another expression at what we have and stop destructing it. If we do non protect the ozone we could develop cancerous sunshine, which is even greater than now. Besides we could do planetary heating, which could develop into the sea degree lifting and doing human manner of life extinct. Or is it our fate to be nonextant merely like the dinosaurs, so develop an even more intelligent race.


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