Pablo Neruda’s Poetry and Influences

4 April 2015
A detailed discussion of significant parts of Neruda’s life, illustrating how his poetry is a reflection of what he has gone through in life.

This paper provides information regarding Pablo Neruda’s life as a poet, and determines his major influences in his famous works. The paper provides a critical analysis of three poems extracted from Neruda’s latest volume in poetry, entitled, `Winter Garden.` This analysis provides and supports the main thesis of this paper, that being, Pablo Neruda’s poetry is influenced mainly by his experiences while in exile from his homeland, Chile, his affiliation to the Communist Party, and his being a great believer for social equality and reform.
Pablo Neruda is one of the most renowned poets not only in Latin America, but also from across the globe as well. English and American poets have long dominated the world of poetry, and Neruda was among the few literary writers who broke this trend. Neruda has achieved various achievements and great endeavors thru his exceptional work in poetry. One great achievement that was given to him was the Nobel Prize for Literature, which he received in 1971. Pablo Neruda’s work in poetry mainly uses social reform (ideas influenced because of his being a Communist), his suffering during his exile from Chile, his motherland, and his love for Chile as its main themes.

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