The Natural History Paper: Pseudacris regilla Description and Systematics The species Pseudacris regilla is an interesting species when looking at its history. Just a few years ago Its name went from Pacific Tree Frog to Pacific Chorus due to Its mating call (1 This change is a huge advancement to discovering new species of Pacific frogs. If one was to break down the meaning of its genus and species it is as follows: Pseudacris – false and regllla – magnificent referring to the marks on the ody, which are described later in the paper.

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It is speculated that the tree frog first originated In South America which then spread to Northwest America. The average Pacific tree frog ranges from % to one inch in length, which makes them very tiny compared to its other living vertebrates. Their padded toes are only slightly moveable. The dorsal side varies from each Individuals. The majority of the colors are greens, tans, reds, grays, browns, or blacks. The best part is that they can change their color from light to dark and vice versa.

Due to this amazing feat, these species are classified as cryptic because of the ability to change according to the environment. The ventral side is a creamy white color but when it comes to the hind legs Its skin color is yellow. Near the head there Is often a Y-shaped mark between the eyes. In addition there is a wider, darker line that runs through the middle of each eye from the nostrils to Its shoulders. The difference between the males and females besides the pelvic region is the throat (2).

The males have an air sac which, ence the name, gets filled with air to emit a sound which should attract the opposite sex in order to mate. To differentiate between the two when they are not attracting or being attracted on one other is by the color of their throats. The males have darker skin their due to the friction of the Intake of air (4). The evolutionary history of the Psedacris regilla has sparked up manydebates and theories. Amphibians in general have been known to have evolved from lobe-finned bony fishes. This assumption can be made based on the fossil records we have collected.

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But with these organisms It was hard to place its ancestors because the environment they lived didn’t allow the bones tobe preserved Instead they decayed quickly. From top to end the Psedacrls regilla has been classified as follows: Animalia Chordata Amphibia Anura Hyildae Psedacrls regllla (2, 3). In the past, the tree frog has a different name, It was Hyla regilla referring to Its class, nut after finding difference from the original organism found in South America, it has come to consensus that Psedacris regilla is the most uitable name, however there are arguments going on to on deciding what the species name actually is.

There are a few more different types of tree frogs that have a similar problem to the one of the Psedacrls regllla (2). currently, the Psedacrls regilla Is commonly found on the west coast of America which is towards the northern part of western America. The reason of the spreading was not human doing but actually effects of geographical changes. The region where the Psedacris regllla resided was flooded and over taken by the sea level which forced them to continue t Of2

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