Page And Plant

In April, five kids and I went to Boston Garden to see the Page and Plant concert. As we rode the train, we discussed how good we thought they would be. Basically everyone was going to the concert with high expectations. Jimmy Page and Robert Plant did not let us down. They exceeded mine and everyone’s expectations. We got to the concert early and waited through the opening band, Rusted Root. Before Page and Plant went on, they lit up the stage with huge lights that projected rainbows all around the stadium. When Page and Plant started playing, we were speechless. During the first song (which I can’t even remember the name of), we just stood in awe. The second song, “Ramble On,” snapped us out of our daze and we started to sing along with the 20,000 people there. Page and Plant got the crowd into the concert with songs like “Gallows Pole,” “The Song Remains the Same” and “Black Dog.” One high point was when Page and Plant went from “The Song Remains The Same” right into an energized version of the Doors’ “Break on Through” and then without stopping into “Dazed and Confused.” Page and Plant amazed the audience with the variety of music they played. They played heavier songs like “Ramble On” and “Black Dog” to their more blues-oriented songs like “Since I’ve Been Loving You.” They kept audience on their feet, wondering what would be next. For their last song Page and Plant played “Kashmir” accompanied by an orchestra; this was the best version of “Kashmir” I have ever heard. The music from the orchestra and from Jimmy Page’s guitar sent shivers down my spine. We left the concert with “Kashmir” in our heads and we still haven’t gotten over how moving it was. One main thing that stood out about this concert was the range of ages of the audience. We saw people from seven to at least 50 or 60 years old. One thing I thought about was where could you find people 50 to 20 to 10 all at the same place for the same reason, having a good time together

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