Painkiller(1990) by Judas Priest

9 September 2019

Judas Priest in the 80’s wasn’t exactly the best of times to be honest. For one we’ve gotten albums like Turbo and Ram it Down which ended off the decade on a bad note, and they seem kind of tired when campared to the 70’s. That all changed with the release of Painkiller. What is there to say about this album that hasn’t already been said, well Painkiller is a comeback album that is all there really needs to be said.

While it is unlike Screaming for Vengence, because I don’t own the album in question, I wish I did. The album consists of nine heavy and mostly fast almost thrashy tracks. If it’s remastered you get a bonus of Lether Rebel(live) and Living Bad Dreams which is nothing compared to the rest of the album. Songs like Painkiller, Lether Rebel, Metal Metaldown and Between the Hammer and The Anvil are all fast and brutally heavy songs.

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Where as songs like A Touch of Evil and One Shot at Glory make for some of the more creery sounding songs, the latter of which is a bit faster.

K. K. Downing and his twin guitar companion also make for some of the best Judas Priest solos in their entire career. Rob Halford’s vocals are as high as they can get in this album especially in songs like Hell Patrol, Painkiller and Metal Meltdown. This is a true classic in every sense of the word. It would definetly fit in my Top 25 albums of all time because Judas Priest made a turn for the best in this album. This album speaks to me very well. I’d have to give this album a 10/10.

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