2 February 2019

Paintball is my favorite thing to do in my spare because it never gets old and is always fun. Paintball is the ultimate version of laser tag and capture the flag. It may not be the right sport for all people because and can sting at times and leaves welts and bruises. But if you’re looking for excitement and don’t hurt easily I suggest you try out paintball.

The place I like to go to is the Paintball Jungle because it is not confined to small courts and the only thing there is in small courts is air ball and speedball. But when I go with my friends and we have an equal amount of players I will play speedball with them. They also have a sixty two acre forest of eucalyptus trees, forts, bunkers, and bases. There are versions of paintball such as capture the flag and elimination.

Paintball Essay Example

Capture the flag is one version of paintball when you have a flag placed somewhere in the field and two teams have to battle each other to get to the flag. Once you get the flag you try to get the flag back to your starting point. Elimination is the other version of paintball. Elimination is when you battle against another team and you just have to fight the other team off until there is no one left on one of the teams. Once the round of elimination is over, whichever team still has players left is the winning team.

Paintball has three types of fields. The first field that most people that have ever seen paintball on T.V. would be air ball. Air ball is one version of paintball that is in a smaller area with blow up bunkers and you can either have capture the flag or elimination. One of the other versions of paintball is speedball, speedball is basically like air ball, it is air ball mostly just its with different bunkers. Last but not least there is forest ball where there is capture the flag, and elimination. Forest ball is a bigger version of paintball and there can be bunkers forts and bases.

If you are looking for excitement I suggest you try paintball. If you paintball you get used to the pain after you get hit a couple of times. Paintball is painful at first but it’s not bad, it’s kind of just a stinging sensation. My favorite thing to do whenever I can is paintball. The only bad part about paintball is that it can cost a lot of money. But if it sounds fun to you, then you should try it out.

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