Palamon Love

6 June 2017

Palamon wants Arcite to let his eyes of Emily and not interfere, but Arcite says “l loved her first as women and on my head I swear, love is a greater law than any other that may be given to any earthly man. ” (pg. 89) love replaces all other commitments. They both show each other how much they love Emily. Later on, they both somehow manage to get out of prison. First, Arcite got out and after seven years Palamon.

They both suddenly meet at grove in ngry looks and want to fight for Emily, while Theseus appearing there too with his wife and Emily. At first Theseus wanted to kill them, but seeing the situation of theirs he changes his mind and sets up arena for them to fght. They both are ready to do anything to grant Emily as wife. Then, Theseus builds 3 temples. Venus (the goddess of love), Mars (the god of war), and Diana (the goddess of chastity). Palamon went to Venus to ask to get Emily, Arcite went to Mars to ask to win the war, and Emily went to Diana to ask to say virgin or else marry a guy love her the most.

Palamon Love Essay Example

After that, the battle begun and Arcite won the war with the help of the god that he visited, and Palamon lost, but in the end Palamon won and got Emily. Palamon won because of Pluto who sent earthquake at Saturn’s request for Venus. Arcite dies because of earthquake and fell from his horse and hits his head to ground. He died as noble knight to get Emily, and didn’t care about his brotherhood relationship with Palamon while fghing against him for Emily. The knight is noble, conqueror, gentle and has pity, which he is similar to Theseus the character in the story that he is telling.

The gentle duke jumped down from his horse with pitying heart as he heard them speak”. (pg. 77) Theseus takes pity on those women that he meets on his way and gives what the women asked for. Which it looks like that the Knight is describing himself as Theseus. He likes fghting from the beginning so he made arrangement for Arcite and Palamon to fght over Emily. The story starts with battle of Amazons and after he marries the queen of Amazon as price of winning a battle besides the story also ends with Palamon marrying Emily in which he also get her by winning the battle.

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