Panda Express

1 January 2017

Autumn Gold English 101 Evaluation Panda Express Price; quality; and quantity; those are the three main components one should look for in a decent place to eat. In today’s economy, with the amount of money we pay for food, we want enough to satisfy us and be worth the money. Quality is a high standard in today’s food industry. Customers want to know if the food they are consuming is made from fresh and natural ingredients rather than preservatives. Quantity is a must as people want a good amount of product for what they pay for.

Consumers don’t want food that will only fill them for an hour; they want food that is a meal. The only fast food place that comes to mind that fits these qualifications is Panda Express. Let’s see how it stands with the check list, starting with price. With the slump the economy is in today, most people can’t afford to spend $8 dollars on a combo meal that includes greasy, low quality, cold food. Panda Express offers a few different options for a reasonable price. For $7, a three-item meal includes a side of rice or chow mien, and three servings of your choice of entrees.Drinks are only $1.

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99 for a large or $2. 75 for your choice of available bottled beverages. Panda Express even offers kids meals for less than $5. No matter your situation, there are options that are delicious and affordable. So with the $7 you pay, let’s look at the quality of food being served and if you are getting your money’s worth. Now-a-days, the food industry is pushing the limits on the amount of fresh food they cook with and sell to consumers, relying mainly on preservatives.Panda Express, although they do use some flavoring, cooks with fresh vegetables mixed with premium choice meats.

They also advertise in their establishments that they do not cook with MSG, also known as monosodium glutamate, which is a flavor enhancer. The flavor Panda Express incorporates in to their food is natural, fresh, and delicious. One customer on a Panda Express food review site wrote, “The food is absolutely delicious. It is not only flavorful, [but] the presentation is excellent and is yummy to the eyes as well as the tummy.I give this restaurant extremely high marks for producing a quality product. ” Another bonus is that the restaurant is very popular, meaning the food is in high demand. Therefore the food that is already out doesn’t have time to get old and stale.

But consumers don’t just want great tasting food in any amount; they want enough to fill them up until the time comes for their next meal. When you order your meal, the side fills up half of the plate. Then, you have the three items as your entrees which each take up a quarter of the plate.A burger can be eaten in minutes while a full plate at Panda Express takes time to eat leaving you with time to enjoy the delicious flavors, freshness, and quality of your meal. You have a plethora of food to choose from as your main course. With all this amount of food, one meal is perfect for those who do sports and build up monstrous appetites, as one example. And if you can’t finish all that food, you have plenty for left-overs.

For the small amount you pay, you buy an excellent meal that will fill you up for hours. For $7, you are buying a high quality product.

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