Panic At The Disco ; Pretty. Odd.

6 June 2019

Panic At The Disco
Pretty. Odd.

Panic At The Disco has four members; Brandon Urie, Ryan Ross, Jon Walker, and Spencer Smith. The band’s CD “Pretty. Odd.” perfectly pieces itself together. The artwork throughout the album matches the title, along with the tracks. Listening to the CD sounds only a morsel old-fashioned, making it intricately unique. Even though, listening intently to the tempo and the instruments being used boosts its enjoyment level. For being a band and genre of alternative, the music sounds a bit “folk-like.”

Panic At The Disco ; Pretty. Odd. Essay Example

The entire CD is an amazing example of the title, “Pretty. Odd.” The song favored among my friends, “Nine In The Afternoon” was meant to sound awkward, for how is there a nine in the afternoon? The string of lyrics, “your eyes are the size of the moon” sounds impossible unless you figure it is a metaphor.

“Pretty. Odd.” is relaxing with an upbeat tempo. Instead of wanting to get up and head-bang or rave like with some other artists, you might want to decide to lay back and listen to the lyricized melody of “That Green Gentleman” also known as “Things Have Changed.” Perhaps the more easily portrayed description of the album is slow movement such as swaying instead of no movement. If you find your interest is in unusual music, “Pretty. Odd.” is the way to go.

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