Papa Roach – Infest

7 July 2019

The new wave of rock music is upon us, and with it comesa slew of bands trying to make it big. Few have the talent to stand out, but PapaRoach does. I recently picked up their major label debut album,”Infest,” and I must say I am impressed. This foursome from northernCalifornia can really rock, and any fan of good music will not be let down. Thegroup’s first single, “Last Resort,” is already making a splash in themusic scene, and after listening to this album I can see why. Papa Roach combinesthoughtful, observant lyrics with rocking guitar riffs to form a unique brand ofrock. Lead singer Coby Dick uses his distinctive voice to rap and singthought-provoking lyrics about real-world situations and issues. With a talenteddrummer, bassist and guitar player backing him up, Papa Roach is ready to rockthe stage and the music scene. Their moody guitars and screaming lyrics will makeyou want to start a mosh pit on the spot.

Amidst a sea of bands jumpingon the new rock bandwagon, Papa Roach stands out with an appealing sound that candeliver a rocking performance. As the chorus to one of their songs says,”We’re going to infest, we’re getting in your head.” Papa Roach isready to rock the music world, and they will get in your head.

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