5 May 2017

Over 70 million people in this country visit a hospital each year, so it is crucial that hospital staff is mentally and physically able to carry out the duties. Recent studies conducted in this county concluded that hospital staff that are burnout because of lack sleep, stress, and hours worked have an important effect on quality care. Burnout is term used to define a person who is feeling over worked and exhausted which is usually caused by spikes in stress levels.

The study also discovered that a lot f hospital staff including doctors were pushed to work long hours without time to rest and unwind. Along with the long hours, hospital staff was pushed emotionally and physically which can increase the amount of errors hospital staff can give to their patients. The good news is hospitals across this country is taking notice; the top 25 hospitals in the United States are using new techniques to help staff members deal with the effects of burnout. By offering stress management education and open communications, staff members are now able to deal with work stress problems.

There are a few ways I would help to prevent my newly hired staff from feeling overwhelmed and stressed out from effects of the Job. The first technique that I would use is the “open door policy’ , allowing open communications among employer and employee which will allow staff to openly talk about their feelings towards being burnout. By setting real expectations and core values with newly hired members, management is setting the base of what is going to be expected out of team members. Along with these steps, I would follow these particular steps to ensure the newly hired nurses understand the hospitals organization culture

Provide and explain company core values with each new member Provide on the Job training classes to help staff members deal with stress and day to day life situations Conduct an orientation around company’s benefits and culture beliefs. Create a mentoring program with senior staff members and newly hired employees. Offer a professional counseling staff support to help members deal with stress Evaluate the progress of the newly hired nurses There are many challenges that hospital environments face to help them deal with employees being overwhelmed and stressed.

The biggest challenge is the type of nvironment that hospital staff work under; I believe when people are responsible for giving care to patients, stress in a normal occurrence that forms with taking that type of responsibility. Putting stress aside, working long hours without enough time to rest is a recipe for anyone to burnout. There are also a number of different challenges that hospitals face when dealing with creating a new organizational culture and getting their core values across.

High stress environment where hospital staff are pushed to their physical, emotional and mental limits- Lack of sleep between shifts accompanied with a high pace Job. Long and fast paced hifts topped with meeting strict criteria’s. I have work for a few different banks in the last seven years in my career, being in sales can be a very overwhelming and stress position. The company’s that I have worked for always emphases balancing work life with personal life. The message always came from human resources and company employee web page.

The change of culture and its organization never came from my direct managers only through human resources. One particular company that I have worked for used a unique approach to organizational culture. Behavior: To ensure each employee understands the company organizational culture y implanting it during orientation for newly hired employees and annual online training for existing staff members. During the first week, the newly hired employee meets current employee and the core values of are given.

Justifications of behavior: At least once year, every employee has to complete an online ethics and compliance test. The online training course followed with test explains each employee’s role and their responsibility Cultural communications: The ability for employees to receive information about employee assistance. hiring process. By offering an extensive training program and the ability for team embers to access on the Job resources. In a nut shell, they have many resources for employees to gain access to the company’s message.

No matter what Job one might have, it’s important for employees to deal with stressful situations. Even though it’s easier said than done, management has to have an effective way and technique in order to deal with these type of situations. Many hospitals mentioned in this case study have taken a better approach to help their staff members deal with stressful situations. By offering on the Job stress classes and having employee mentors, hospitals are taking the first step to combat the burnout effect.

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