5 May 2017

Prior to the first few days of class my knowledge of nonverbal communication was lacking to say the least. One thing that I did know was that throughout the world there a vast number of different languages, some are similar to one another, and some are completely different. Sometimes words and gestures have different meanings when translated across languages or depending where you are in the world.

For my video research project, I was assigned to look at something that I knew othing about and this topic came in the form of, paralanguage. Sometimes the words you choose aren’t as important as one may think; sometimes the most important thing is how you choose to say those words. The proper definition of paralanguage is as follows, the nonlexical component of communication by speech, for example intonation, pitch and speed of speaking, hesitation noises, gesture, and facial expression. An example of this would be if someone asked “HoWre you doing today?

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