Paramore by Paramore

10 October 2019

The Tennessee rock trio Paramore is known for their angst punk sound and relatable tunes. The self- titled record has been Jeremy Davis, Hayley Williams, and Taylor York’s first released album since “Brand New Eyes” in 2009.

The album opens with a strong and rebellious anthem, “Fast in My Car”. Williams’ striking lyrics fits along with the shredding guitar riffs and thumping drums. As the track continues on I grew fonder and fonder of it. It’s difficult, for me at least, to resist songs with loud raging drums and electrifying guitars.

“Now”, the first single of the album, left me confused because it wasn’t something I was used to. The repeated drums and distorted guitar was new for me and it took some time to grow on me as well. “Now” has more emphasis on guitars with lighter drums and a tropical vibe, unlike older Paramore songs. The combination of Williams’ “lost the battle win the war, bringing my sinking ship back to the shore” lyrics, Davis’ epic bass solo, and York’s riffs give off a sense of motivation to reach out and overcome your lost battles.
The sixth track, “Ain’t It Fun”, immediately caused me shock with its opening banging drums and funky guitar riffs. Davis plays the slap bass, which has never been played on a released Paramore track before. Williams’ sarcastic lyrics asking herself (she stated in an interview before) how she is going to survive in the real world. And if those lyrics weren’t enough at about half way through the song a gospel choir joins her, singing “don’t go crying to your momma cause your own in the real world” repeatedly while, Davis and York continue playing.

“Still Into You” is definitely the song Paramore is most known for from this album. Going gold in The US and Canada, “Still Into You” is an upbeat tune with pop influences. It reminds me of “The Only Expectation”, a ballad from their previous album, but with non-pessimistic optimistic lyrics and a faster melody.

You may have to listen to this album a couple times to really love it or even once but the overall theme shows that Paramore has matured as a band and as individuals and their music has been prove of that.

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