6 June 2019

Paramore is probably the most talented Alternative Rock band out there right now. Their music is truly amazing. It’s more than just something to listen to when you’re bored. Single, “CrushCrushCrush” shows how they can put meaningful lyrics with great vocals and instrumentals and produce a song that gets nominated for both MTV Music Video Awards and Teen Choice Awards.

Single, “Misery Business” was said to be the song that got the band noticed with it’s catchy up-beat rhythm and a story behind it that can get you wanting to hear more. “Keep me safe inside, your arms like towers” lyrics from Paramore’s, “We Are Broken” has so much emotion to just a tiny metaphor in the amazing song.

Paramore’s lyrics might be simple but unlike a lot of other bands you can actually understand the meaning of the song and relate to them. It’s like you can feel a connection with the band because the lyrics are written about personal experiences band members have been through. Behind the music is passion, and that’s personally what I liked best about the band. It seems there songs block out the rest of the world when you’re listening to them. They’re an overall great band who almost automatically got noticed and continues to prove to us how amazing they are. There really isn’t anything to hold against the band except most of there songs sound very alike and they sound like a lot of other Alternative bands such as Flyleaf.

I’d recommend Paramore to teenagers because the lyrics are something that they could relate to. They’ve been nominated for various awards. Just a few of them being America’s Music Awards, Grammy Awards and multiple Teen Choice Awards. A band who received that many awards and much more, you should really give a chance to. I’d give this band five stars.

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