Paramore’s Twilights Original Soundtrack

Paramore is one popular band; she has a lot of great songs with lyrics that stay with you and songs you can sing along to. In this album there are other bands that include Linkin Park, Muse, C. Brookwell and many more. My favorite song for this album is “Decode” this song reminds me of a boyfriend and a girlfriend in a fight, because it’s deep and the lyrics describe a fight also it reminds me of the movie/book Twilight which her two songs on this album were based on. It is also a catchy song, and a song you can sing or do anything while you listen to it like running, drawing, relaxing and more. One of the catchy parts to her song “Decode” is “There is something I see in you it might kill me, I want it to be true.” And “the truth is hiding in your eyes, and hanging on your tongue, just boiling in my blood, but you think I cant see, what kind of man that you are if you’re a man at all, well I will figure this one out on my own.” And from “I caught myself” is “you got it, you got it, some kind of magic, hypnotic, hypnotic, you’re leaving me breathless, I hate this, I hate this, your not the one I believe in with god as my witness.”

The lyrics for her two songs “Decode” and “I caught myself” have awesome lyrics, instruments, and vocals.The song “Decode” is also popular. I love all of her songs now and from the past because they have meaning and great instrumental solos and vocals, Paramore is also great live most bands that you hear are really bad but I think that Paramore is great. The people in her band are Haley Williums, Josh Farro, Zac Farro, and Jeremy Davis, her band has great instrument practice, in some songs her band will just play a solo in the middle. Haley Williums is an awesome artist for her songs she can sing and write her songs so that people will want to listen to them more than other music.

This album is just as good as the others, her previous albums are fantastic. Some of her previous songs I really love are “Misery Business”, “Crush Crush Crush”, “that’s what you get”, and “Pressure” I would recommend that people who like rock, people who like her, or like girl lead singers to listen to her new songs and previous albums.

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