Parle G Case Study

1 January 2017

Thumb rule for harvard case study is to have a hard copy of the case and minimum three reading is necessary to comprehend and answer the questions related to the case study. Following questions needs to be answered after reading the case study of Tata Motor (in the hand written format and to be submitted on the session of discussing the case, this will be used for your individual evaluation purpose) * Case Study on Parle G: Will be discussed in next to next class

The case enables the learner: to appreciate that tactical decisions such as pricing are not made (or, atleast, are not made effectively) in isolation of bigger picture of marketing strategy. * to encourate the participants to explore the challenges surrounding the sustainability of a value-for-money positioning. * to provide participants with the opportunity to devise both short and long term marketing plans. Following question are supposed to be answered (hand written) and to be submitted in our next class. This case is ideal for illustrating the complexities that emerge when making a pricing decision in the context of a brand and product category strongly associated with a value-for-money proposition.

Parle G Case Study Essay Example

Answer your view point on following points in relation to the case of Parle G: * Complexity of the pricing decision w. r. Value-for-Money perception * Decisions beyond pricing * Take a position of either maintaining the price or increasing the price. Outline your rationale for the pricing decision * Suggest a marketing plan for the future of Parle-G biscuits. Also prepare a Projected P&L account considering four scenari.

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