Parole and Its Impact on Prison Systems in America Essay Sample

8 August 2017

Eight old ages into the 21stcentury and offense rate every bit good as prison overcrowding in the United States penitentiary system are now major issues that need to be addressed shortly. There is no demand to work in the Justice Department or be an inmate in order for one to sympathize with captives every bit good as those who are traveling in and out of gaol. Prison overcrowding every bit good as the demand to control offense rate can be greatly affected by one prison plan and it is the system of giving word every bit good as in revoking it. There is a demand to happen out what are the necessary stairss that can be done to better the said plan.

This survey takes a closer expression into the job of word and its relationship with prison overcrowding and controling offense rate. This can be done by looking at the how the public perceive the parole plan and how it works in the existent universe.

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Parole and Its Impact on Prison Systems in America Essay Sample
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Part of the paper will cover with overcrowding and how this has become a conundrum for many functionaries. And so this survey will analyze the chain-reaction of events that resulted from the interaction of three factors parole plan. overcrowded prisons. and release of ex-convicts from gaol.


In a state full of chances. where every citizen is free to prosecute his or her dreams. it is a mystifier why U. S. prisons are full of people to the point that it is bing the authorities so much more to keep them. While gaol cells are packed with work forces there is no grounds to demo that this pattern of directing felons to the can so to talk is altering American society for the better. In fact it can be said that America has a high offense rate. It is at this point when Americans are demanding for exceeding plans that will non merely lessen offense but besides to turn to the overcrowding issue. And there is no other plan that can hit two birds with one rock but the parole system. But before traveling any farther it is of import to to the full understand the job of overcrowding and why it is imperative to hold an effectual word plan.

In the book about American gaol systems one can happen the undermentioned disturbing informatin “In 2003. 22 provinces and the federal prison system reported operating at or above capacity. The federal system was estimated to be runing above 39 per centum. and overall the province systems were runing at 14 per centum above capacity” ( Clear. Cole. & A ; Reisig. 2005. p. 467 ) . One has to pay attending that overcrowding is non a job of one or a few provinces. it is a job across America. It is non difficult to conceive of that prison staff are overstressed and one admirations if rehabilitation or rectification of condemnable behaviour has occurred or happening in these prisons.

Michael Jacobson is the former Commissioner of the New York City Department of Correction. It is considered as the largest metropolis gaol system in the U. S. and while Jacobson was still connected there he provided statistics that will clearly exemplify the job and he said. “The United States now locks up a higher per centum of its population than any state in the universe. The more than 2 million people who are incarcerated today make up approximately eight times the figure in 1975” ( Jacobson. 2005. p. 8 ) . Two million people can easy fill-up an mean size metropolis and one can merely conceive of the cost of keeping U. S. gaols.

Overcrowding is the consequence of tougher Torahs and the logical reply to increasing offense rates and accustomed wrongdoers who may hold exploited less terrible punishments in the yesteryear. It was believed that the longer the clip spent behind bars the more thorough is the rehabilitation and that clip is adequate to interrupt the most hard-boiled felons. Measuring the current jobs that plague prisons. Joycelyn M. Pollock explained why there is a tendency for increasing Numberss of inmates and she remarked:

Even every bit late as 1968. 23 provinces had legislative acts that authorised life imprisonment for accustomed wrongdoers who had antecedently been convicted of certain specified discourtesies [ … ] these “new” condemning Torahs have the possible to worsen already badly overcrowded prison conditions while at the same time making more jobs for province and federal authoritiess. condemnable justness bureaus. and prison decision makers ( 1997. p. 62 ) .

Need for Parole

There is mounting grounds that will demo that it is counterproductive to add more figure into an already tightly-packed installation. Riots are merely one of the possible effects. Another would be the hardening of felons alternatively of the expected contrary procedure. This is because alternatively of supplying a topographic point where one finds a reprieve from a life of offense these people are forced to move like goons within the claustrophobic environments of gaols – some will even kill in order to protect themselves or set up order in the thick of pandemonium. Mark Colvin argued that gaol clip is supposed to rehabilitate wrongdoers.

It is now high clip to re-examine a prison plan that can instantly turn to the job of overcrowding while besides sing the fact that it must move as a screen to allow unsafe felons stay while taking those who had shown effects of rehabilitation. Most significantly the word system must deliver first clip wrongdoers from those who will try to act upon them to fall in their condemnable organisation when those with lighter sentences gets out of at that place.

Before traveling any farther the word system is defined as:

…the conditional release from prison before the terminal of sentence. Peoples on word ( called probationers ) remain under supervising until the terminal of a fixed term. and they usually have important and rigorous conditions they must follow with to stay at autonomy. Probationers are supervised by parole section officers ; the word section is normally an arm of the province prison bureau ( Bergman. 2006. p. 559 ) .

It is now clear that the word system is under the authorization of the prison system. This means that the work of the parole officer does non get down when the ex-convict was already out on the streets ; it begins within the walls of prison. And so an effectual word system will be able to place those who are meriting of word. This will of class consequence in cut downing the figure of people that are incarcerated. And so this will in bend resulted in cut downing the work load of prison staff every bit good as the current inmates who may hold to portion more than prison installations but besides clip needed to speak to counsellors and other prison workers.

In other words prisons can be easy managed and there is less hazard of holding public violences in U. S. prisons. There will be less figure of immature and first clip wrongdoers that will be transformed into a hard-boiled felon as opposed to being rehabilitated. This will besides intend cut downing costs that in bend will make more financess that can be diverted for more of import plans such as in instruction or health care. But there is a demand to pass the current parole plan and one of the more of import stairss in this way there is a call for a serious appraisal of the function of parole officers in the said capable affair.

Failing of the Program

The failing of the word system is made apparent by the undermentioned observations: 1 ) there is a important figure of probationers sent back to prison and 2 ) there is much to be desired in the procedure of allowing word to those who deserve to be out on conditional release. Jacobson pointed out the ground for the inefficiency of the word system:

Virtually no 1 in authorities can pass money like a parole officer [ … ] who has no budget to command and may work in a cramped and overcrowded office in a rundown edifice in a rundown portion of town. He or she may hold small or no entree to plans or intervention for probationers and may gain much less than a rectification or police officer ( 2005. p. 132 ) .

It is a admiration why for so many old ages the policy shapers are unmindful to the demands of a parole officer. It can be likened to an employer who may non wish the thought of paying good wages to his employees and so they rebel against the ill-treatment by fiddling in their occupations. When a parole officer gets overworked and when their morale are perilously low they would non hold the forbearance to happen a manner to assist those who are meriting word. And one time they get a few out of gaol they will hold a really difficult clip assisting probationers stay out of gaol. This is simple mathematics. intending it is merely a affair of common sense.

It can be argued that it is easy to acquire inside the prison but it is much harder to populate outdoors as an ex-convict. This is when the active and passionate engagement of parole officers is much needed. But how can they make it if they do non hold the resources and they are really much lacking in the human resource section. A parole officer is more than a rigorous supervisor but in fact should go more of a counsellor who has to work from the bosom. giving more than adept advice. They will hold to walk the excess stat mi to assist those who may experience there is no hope and that their lone option is to go a professional felon.

But harmonizing to Jacobson the federal authorities is non assisting them and he remarked. “…parole officers have no ability to oblige parole bureaus to pass extra fund on less expensive word services such as drug intervention. occupation preparation plans. or extra officers to take down caseloads” ( 2005. p. 132 ) . Now. here is another failing of the word system. It is difficult for policymakers to see it as more than a watchdog. There must now be a realisation that the word system can be expanded into a complete bundle that continues the rehabilitation procedure even beyond the penitentiary system.

Herivel and Wright besides pointed out another job that requires immediate attending and they wrote that aside from highly rigorous Torahs such as that chronic unemployment is adequate land for being sent back to the can ; “At the same clip. services to assist probationers reenter society are scarce. and Torahs protecting ex-offenders from lodging and employment favoritism are virtually non-existent” ( 2003. p. 101 ) . There is clearly a demand to better the word system in America.


There is now a great blare to work out the job of overcrowded prison and one of the major ways to make this is the effectual usage of the word system. But the word system together with its word officers is holding a difficult clip making their occupation. As a consequence there are many who are being sent back to prison even without perpetrating serious offense but merely because they have violated some really rigorous conditions of word.

There is a demand to increase resources available to parole officers. And a good start would be to increase their wages. There is besides a demand to spread out the word system to do it an extension of the rehabilitation procedure so that probationers can go on to remain on a consecutive way to wellness and a life free of offense.

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