Parthenon Sculptures

4 April 2015
5th cent. B.C. Greek works: style, examples, realism & idealism, subjects, composition, compared to Olympian works.

The sculptures of the Parthenon represent a high point in Classical sculpture and a culmination in the centuries-long effort by Greek sculptors to fashion images that represent natural movement and repose. But, with the increased naturalism of the Classical era, it became difficult for artists to reconcile that realism with the ideal. In comparison with the other sculpture of the Classical era, the sculptures of the Parthenon (447-432 BC) represent a unique solution to this problem.

It might have been assumed that the expression of mood and emotion, which constituted the essence of the representation of the ideal, would be facilitated by greater realism. Yet increasing realism did just the opposite, and much of Classical sculpture is distinctly less inclined toward the ideal than..

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