Parts That Add Up to the Sum of Me

3 March 2019

There are some individuals who can be described as conscientious, goal-oriented, reliable, and responsible. I am one of those individuals. Through out high school I have managed to achieve high honors while volunteering at the Frederick County Animal Control, holding a job at Safeway, and doing extracurricular activities. My mom has always been hesitant about my volunteering, but I managed to make a settlement with her. She made sure that my academics would be my number one priority. “Lily, I know you love animals. If you can maintain your grades, keep up with sports, and continue to work, I will allow you to volunteer.” I immediately attended an orientation at the shelter. I learned how to walk the dogs, clean the cages, play with the cats, and make myself available to answer prospective adopting family’s questions about the animals at the shelter. I love seeing the dogs and cats get adopted; it motivates me to come back to the shelter every week. Working at Safeway is also important to me. At Safeway, I am courteous to the customers and employees, and am able to perform my job at the highest standards. Working has taught me to be conscientious, reliable, and responsible: I am always on time and abide by the rules. Working has helped me learn the value of money, saving for the future, and balancing saving and spending. My high school experience has helped me realize my abilities and potential. Gaining confidence in my abilities, I have been able to step out of my comfort zone and take challenging courses. I have learned that dedicating myself for the satisfaction of learning and getting good grades is worth the challenge. Volunteering at the animal shelter, having a good work ethic, and being conscientious about my grades are the parts that add up to the sum of me. Volunteering has made me a better person. It’s helped me realize that I have to be dedicated to the things that I find important in my life. While being able to balance among my parts, I am able to stay true to my values, priorities and goals.

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