Parvana Essay

10 October 2016

Parvana is a novel written by Deborah Ellis. Parvana and Shauzia are 2 young girls who life in a Taliban ruled country, known as Afghanistan. Both girls are faced with many difficulties throughout the novel. The 2 girls are given the chance to leave the war-torn country and Shauzia immediately takes this chance. By doing so, Shauzia will no longer be living under the Taliban’s rules. Being an 11 year old girl, Shauzia deserves to get an education. Shauzia’s family does not value her in any sort of way and she doesn’t deserve to see such disgusting things everyday.

Shauzia makes the right decision to go to Afghanistan because she’ll no longer be under the Taliban’s control. Once she’s out of the country, she’ll be able to live on her own free will. After all, Shauzia is only 11 years old. Her life shouldn’t be filled with bombs, landmines, blood, deaths etc. In other words, her life shouldn’t be filled with violence. Shauzia stated that she was saving money, a little bit each day. “I’m getting out of here,” Parvana then replied “What? When? Shauzia then answered that she would leave by next spring. This clearly shows that Shauzia wants to leave Afghanistan. Shauzia doesn’t want to live in a war-torn country and that she wants a better life for herself. Shauzia’s family does not value her in any way. This is another right reason why Shauzia should leave Afghanistan. To prove this, Shauzia’s grandfather has ‘started to look for a husband’ for her. Shauzia does not have any say in this because he obviously doesn’t care for her feelings.

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He’s only doing it so that he and the rest of Shauzia’s family would still have or make even more money. He stated that she’ll ‘fetch a good bride price’ because she’s young. As stated before, her grandfather only wants her to get married for the money. Clearly, Shauzia has made the right decision to leave Afghanistan. To get married at such a young is absolutely tragic. To get married to someone you don’t even love, there would be no meaning in the marriage. Her grandfather obviously cannot see any reason of why she shouldn’t get married.

Another reason to why Shauzia made the right decision to leave Afghanistan is that she needs to get an education. Ever since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, girls and women had all been ‘ordered to stay inside their homes. ’ They also forbade girls to go to school. Many schools in Afghanistan have been shut down thanks to the bombings that have happened. It seems as though the Taliban does not believe in education for girls. The Taliban would ‘burn books they didn’t like’. It’s as though they would burn educational books; a book that you could learn something from.

Books like, literature, humanities, medical etc. Being an 11 year old girl, Shauzia’s life should be filled with things that don’t include so much violence. It is heartbreaking that an 11 year old girl has to go through every single day of her life seeing all of that. After the incident at the stadium a ‘kind man’ told Shauzia & Parvana to ‘go remember better things’. This sentence here was stated right after Parvana and Shauzia left the stadium. Seeing that the prisoners’ hands got chopped off is gruesome.

While they were exiting the stadium, much to Parvana’s disgust, she ‘caught a glimpse of a young Talib man’ who was the hands which were attached to a rope. In the novel Parvana, written by Deborah Ellis, Shauzia has made the right decision to leave Afghanistan. As stated above, the reasons why Shauzia made the right decision are that if she were to leave she would no longer have to live along with the Taliban’s rules and she needs to finds an education in a better place. In conclusion, Shauzia has made the right decision to leave Afghanistan.

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