Passage Commentary on the Death of Artemio Cruz

4 April 2015
This essay deals with two passages from Carlos Fuentes’ novel, The Death of Artemio Cruz. This is a passage commentary on both. The passages were a recollection of a sexual event, from Artemio Cruz’s past, dated December 4, 1913. The passages dealt with perception, Cruz’s personal yearn for total control. The aspect of male dominance was also present in this passage.
The actual case of this passage was much more grotesque. It was a soldier raping a town’s woman, and afterwards, she would get hanged. This was a beautiful lie that Artemio Cruz had created. It was his male egoistic fantasy: a woman who did as he wished, to sleep with if and when he wanted and to be followed, and to be cooked for. Cruz and Fuentes, with their description of the past event, were able to create a romantic moment out of a rape scene. This was akin to the details that Cruz had remembered so thoroughly, as he blended unpleasant images that had pleasant meanings and vice versa.
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