Passion, Pain, and Pleasure by Trey Songz

8 August 2019

Launching off the biggest part in his career, Trey Songz has released is fourth album, “Passion, Pain, and Pleasure”, following immediately after his “Ready” album in 2009. Trey has taken the new album on to the next level.

Keeping it classy and sensual Trey’s first two albums “I gotta make it” (2005) and “Trey Day” (2007) had kept everyone guessing what’s next. Sure enough he surprised us all, in early 2009, by coming out with single “LOL ?”, with his long braids cut off and rockin’ the fade, Trey had stunned the R&B world.

Passion, Pain, and Pleasure by Trey Songz Essay Example

As millions of die hard girls waited for the day, it finally came, September 14th. Passion, Pain, and Pleasure had hit the shelves. Selling more than 240,000 copies in its first week, it broke through two singles “Can’t be friends” and “Bottoms Up” featuring Nicki Minaj. As “Bottoms Up” hits number two on the top Billboard Hot 100, the single continues to grow.

The album seems to relate to a chapter book. It has three different sections breaking the album down from the title, unto their own chapters. It starts out with opening track “Here we go again” being only 40 seconds long the track introduces the album as the next “book” after the last album, while pumping up the crowd, from hard rocking concert high to going down a notch with the first official song, “Love Faces,” (my personal favorite.)

“Love Faces” brings you down unto a slow intimate mood, describing Trey’s love life now. “Massage”, “Alone” and “Bottoms Up” follower after. I call these four the preface of the album, explaining the albums meaning as it plays on. “Pain” is the first chapter. Exceeding a falsetto, imaginative piano mood, Trey describes his life. Asking him self why he still feels alone after everything he has. “Made to be together”, “Please return my call”, and “Can’t be friends” take upon a lost relationship. He sings about his sorrow, his apologies and what he wants from his girl.

“Pleasure” would be chapter two, completing Trey’s love life in a deeper perspective. This interlude goes on as Trey sings directly to his girl, in words a poet can use. “Red Lipstick”, “Unusual” (featuring Drake), and “Doorbell” explain each and every part of his relationship. He ends with a run on falsetto; letting his feelings free and making your heart melt as his voice floods your soul.

“Passion” is the last and final chapter of this love filled book. With the interlude beginning with a girl talking to Trey as any die hard girlfriend would. He continues on by singing to her, while in the background she replies with giggles. He goes on from alto and falsetto and back again as he explodes your mind with romantic descriptions. With the last three tracks, ending the album puts him a regretful standard. Explaining how “Unfortunate” his girl is, how “Blind” her ex was, and telling her “You just need me,”
Each track closes out the album, laying every detail down on a blank canvas, while you as the listener, paints the picture.

I give this amazing album a five star rating, because of its relationship message and how each track feels your head with questions if Trey Songz himself is happy with his life, and if he just wants someone to love. The world will never know and girls around the world can continue to higher his numbers on the charts and be the fans he needs to succeed.

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