Passive Voluntary Euthanasia

4 April 2015
A look at the difficult procedure of making ethical health care decisions

This paper offers a recommendation on a biomedical ethics’ case concerning passive voluntary euthanasia where the patient’s family and health care providers are divided on how to proceed.

From the paper:

“In Case # 6, the dilemma facing the health care provider is whether or not to continue life preserving measures while considering an advance directive (living will), family wishes and disagreement between the Health Care Team on the matter. The patient in this case is a 27-year old male who was left with multiple rib fractures, a pelvic fracture as well as basal skull fractures after a serious motor vehicle accident. The patient?s wife and daughter died as a result. This patient also suffered a brainstem hemorrhage and mild cerebral edema. He is expected to recover from his fractures, though it is not likely he will recover from the head injury, which has left him with no voluntary movement other than vertical movements of his eyes.

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