Past Tense and Nice Arabian Woman

9 September 2016

Put the verbs in brackets into the past simple or the past continuous in the following sentences. I was walking along the Piccadilly when I realised that a man with a ginger beard, whom I had seen three times that afternoon, was following me. To make quite sure, I walked on quickly, turned right, then left and stopped suddenly at a shop window. I went on. Whenever I stopped, he stopped, and whenever I looked around he was still there. He looked a very respectable type and was wearing/wore very conventional clothes and I wondered if he was a policeman or a private detective.

I decided to try and shake him off. A 74 bus was standing at the bus stop just beside me. Then the conductor came downstairs and rang the bell; just as the bus moved/was moving off, I jumped on it. The man with the beard missed the bus but got into another 74, which followed/was following the first. Both buses crawled very slowly along Knightsbridge. Every time the buses pulled at a stop, the man looked out anxiously to see if I was getting off/got off. 2. Fill in the blanks in the letter with an appropriate form (the present perfect continuous, the present perfect, or the past simple) of each verb in parentheses.

Two answers may be correct. Dear Yukiko, I’ve been living in New York for two months now, and I’ve learnt a lot. In general, I’ve been very happy up until now, but I’ve felt a little lonely, too. Since I rented this apartment, I’ve met some of the people in the building. There are some interesting couples. In the past few weeks, I’ve been talking a lot to an American woman who is married to a Vietnamese man. A Peruvian man and his American wife promised to invite me to dinner sometime, but they haven’t done it yet.

Actually, I haven’t seen the inside of an American family’s apartment since I moved here. A very nice Arabian woman visited me this week. She’s been married to an American for several years. She says she has had problems with the customs of the United States since moved here, and there were cultural conflicts. I’m surprised at the number of cross-cultural couples that I have gotten to know since last month. And now an American student has asked me out. What do you think? Should I go? Your friend Monique 2.

Put in the past perfect simple or continuous or the past simple. Give alternatives where possible. 1. I arrived in England in the middle of July. I had been told that England was (or would be) shrouded in fog all year round, so I was quite surprised to find that it was merely raining. 2. I asked another passenger, an Englishman, about the fog and he said that there had not been any since the previous February. 3. If I wanted fog, he said, I had come at quite the wrong time. 4. However, he told me that I could buy tinned fog at a stop in Shaftesbury Avenue. . He admitted that he never he never bought (or had never bought) fog there himself but assured me that they sold good quality fog and that it wasn’t expensive. I suppose he was joking. 6. When the old lady returned to her flat she saw at once that burglars had broken in during her absence, because the front door was open and everything in the flat was upside down 7. The burglars themselves were no longer there, but they probably had only just left because a cigarette was still burning on an ornamental table. 8.

Probably they had heard the lift coming up and had run down the fire escape. 9. They had helped themselves to her whisky too but there was a little left, so she poured herself out a drink. 10. She wondered if they had found her jewellery and rather hoped that they had. 11. The jewellery had been given her by her husband, who had died some years before. 12. Since his death she hadn’t had the heart to wear it, yet she hadn’t liked to sell it. 13. Now it seemed that fate had taken the matter out of her hands; and certainly the insurance money would come in handy. . Translate into English 1.

Why do you have black lips? I’ve been eating blueberries. I’ve eaten the whole plate. (or I ate) I thought she was mad at you. We were having brunch when you called. While driving home they talked a little. I was sure they were talking in the garden. As soon as she had put on a dress the door slid open. I was sleeping tightly (or I was fast asleep) when somebody knocked on the door. She looked up when he entered the room. I felt that He did not want to go there. How long have you been fishing here?

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