9 September 2016

Comparison Matrix paper 1 Alphonso Guice Jr. Grand Canyon University: LDR800. v10R 05/01/2013 Ethical Decision Making in Organizations: The Role of Leadership Stress. Marcus Selart/ Svein Tvedt Johansen _______________ Future of Ethically Effective Leadership Chaudhary Imran Sarwar ____________ The Ethical Dimension in Transformational leadership Anona Armstrong Each of the articles will give a different view point on how ethical leadership can be viewed, measured and revealed in stressful situations.

The first article “Ethical Dimension in Transformational leadership”, will allow us to establish a range of values towards proving that Transformational Leadership style of management is the right style for ethical decision making. Armstrong, A. (2008) states that the values that are possibly relevant to this study is possibly related to the important essentials to Transformational leadership.

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The second article “Future of Ethically Effective Leadership” introduces three different theories and how these theories can effect the testing of the ethical leaders in the future. Sarwar, C. I. 2013) also establish that there are three performance levels that can support the effectiveness of an Ethical Leader. The third article “Ethical Decision Making in Organizations: The Role of Leadership Stress” will attempt to prove that stressful situations can affect a leaders ability to act in an ethical manor and possibly skew the ability to recognize ethical dilemmas when faced with the situation. Selart M. & Johansen S. T. (2011) reveals that this revelation could explain why some of the organizational scandals were so profound complex depending on the stress level of the corporation.

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