Pastoral Convention in Poetry

4 April 2015
A research paper on the use of pastoral convention in poetry.

This paper on the pastoral convention in poetry describes the historical roots of the convention and its development. It shows that pastoral poetry is more than a mere convention and many works pertaining to the convention are of a high literary merit with social, political and personal thoughts evident in the work that can only be truly appreciated if they are examined in detail beyond the face value. The paper uses examples of poems that may be seemingly relatively simple with the themes of the convention have a deeper meaning that depends on the reader’s interpretation.
Pastoral Poetry is a literary work dealing with the lives of shepherds or rural life in general. It typically draws a contrast between the innocence and serenity of simple country life and the misery and corruption of the city, especially court life. The Pastoral imitates rural life, usually the life of an imaginary Golden Age, in which the loves of shepherds and shepherdesses play a prominent part. The term today loosely pertains to poetry that contains a reference to rural life.

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