Paternity Leave for Men

7 July 2016

In society today, gender equality is becoming a big deal. Maternity leave has never been a questionable topic for new mothers, however it becomes controversial when it comes to new fathers. It is of extreme importance not only to the mothers but to the fathers as well. It is a great deal for new dads to share with the early bonding experiences and care for both mother and child. The men should be able to get a decent amount of time off to be able to share in this very special time. If companies offered this option for men, it would be a huge ordeal.

They would be able to attend the birth and any important appointments that need to be attended. With paternity leave the men are given the privilege of being able to share in on the first stages of the child’s life. They also get the opportunity of being there for the child so dad can get to know the child and learn the needs the child has. “The increase in the number of men taking leave may be attributed in part, says Doucet, to changes made to the Employment Insurance Act in 2000, which increased the total parental leave time from six months to one year, thus allowing more time for dads to bring up 2baby”(National Post 2007).

Paternity Leave for Men Essay Example

A trusted pediatrician has to be found following the birth and fathers can assist the mothers with this process. Paternity leave also will allow both parents time to get daycare arrangements together if both parents have to return back to work. Having dad around would be beneficial to mom if she delivered baby by Cesarean. This procedure is very painful and forces mom to limit her mobility and lifting.

After this surgery, it is very important that mom has someone around to help her throughout her healing process. Child birth is a lot of hard work. It can really take a lot of the new mother. A new mother is normally emotionally and physically drained after giving birth. That is why it is very crucial for companies to allow men paternity leave so that they can help with the rigorous routine that they now have to get used to. A lot of mothers just want to come home and sleep. This is where dad comes in and gives mom that break she needs.

During that time of paternity leave, “only 13 percent of employers in this country offer men any paid time off for birth or adoption” (The Record 2006). All new mothers need assistance when it comes to a new baby. Babies require a lot of attention and sometimes mommy will not always have the energy to do a whole lot at first. Paternity leave for new fathers would be not only rewarding for the new dad when it comes to bonding, but also prove to be very beneficial to the new mother as well.

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