Paternity Leave

10 October 2016

Nowadays, we already get used to maternity leave, that because mothers should take a rest from their job during their healing time after giving birth to their child. But now fathers can take paternity leave too. Even there are people who still arguing whether fathers should take paternity leave or not. However, fathers who take paternity leave can be very helpful to taking care for their family. People argue that most men cannot handle the household well.

That is why some people also believe that fathers cannot take care of their children as well as mothers do. Usually men is more clumsy about taking care the household and children, so people think that fathers will not really help with the new member. But, mothers can experience difficulties during giving birth, thus healing time is needed for the mothers. In this time, having help from father could be very helpful for mothers. So taking paternity leave for father is needed for helping the mother.

Paternity Leave Essay Example

Some people who disagree with paternity leave claims that Men who don’t take paternity leave can get relationship with their children as close as men who take paternity leave. It is not important whether the father spend his whole time with his children since they are still babies, it depends on fathers if they can manage their time to spend it with their children and with their job. However, it is actually very important for fathers because spending the first month or so with their baby can determine the relationship between the child and parents for later in the child’s life.

Another claim from the opponent is that men who demand equal parenting time will find themselves quickly unemployed. In a culture that requires both parents to work full time insist that it was still living in the 1950’s, there is a little recourse. Fathers will find themselves lazy to go to work and easily abandoned their job. People said that it is the father’s duty to work for their family sake, so fathers do not need to take paternity leave. But by taking paternity leave, fathers can spend more of their time to take care their family needs. Moreover, some companies that provide aternity leave will still pay the father’s salary as long as they do not pass the due for paternity leave. So, that’s why paternity leave for father is still being argued. Fathers who take paternity leave can dedicate more of their time for taking care their family, and also it can be very helpful for mothers who still in their healing time after giving birth to their baby. They do not have to be afraid to become unemployed because of taking paternity leave, some companies already provide to give paternity leave to fathers so they can take care of their family.

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