Pather Panchali Essay Sample

7 July 2017

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A film becomes a piece of art when it makes us believe about our lives. Pather Panchali is the film which helped me re-consider my dealingss with other household members. I have come to conclusion that societal position of a household earnestly impacts human dealingss within that household. Sarbojaya. Harihar. Durga and Apu. all together create a bright life history of a usual Indian household. Their life is the changeless battle against the societal conditions. poorness. other household members. and themselves. Harihar is a hapless poet who can non happen his originative self-fulfillment. and has to look for uneven occupations in order to do family’s terminals meet. His married woman Sarbojaya is to the full responsible for everything about the house. When watching the film. I was highly surprised how this household was able to maintain its unity in such hard societal state of affairs. On the one manus. Harihar could non happen a occupation which would supply his life and which would convey him pleasance. On the other manus. Sarbojaya had to transport the load of family jobs. In add-on. their boy Apu was frequently involved into petit larceny larceny which caused serious struggles with their neighbours. It seems that such households can non be stable. but Pather Panchali refutes this thought. They are stable in their day-to-day desire to get the better of societal and economic troubles. They do non look far into the hereafter. but instead take the life as a combination of separate yearss. Each twenty-four hours is connected with legion obstructions. troubles. and worlds.

It is interesting. that the film depicts usual worlds as extraordinary societal existences. There are no stereotypes. Even when Sarbojaya disapproves her daughter’s manner of thought. she does non make this in a usual manner: she instead combines this with tremendous love to Durga. which fills each corner of her mother’s bosom. The film moves easy to its terminal. go forthing legion machinations behind the scene. Numerous secondary characters create a full image of the hapless life in India. I understand that we meet 100s of Harihars and Sarbojaya’s every twenty-four hours. but Pather Panchali makes the world striking. We understand that sometimes we can be excessively weak in our battle against the life around us.

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