The proponents will discuss the summary on how the proponents came up with the ideas of making a Patient Information for Dr. Postres Dental Clinic using Java as a programming medium. We will state the problems that are considered in making this project and how we plan to solve it as an Information Technology Students of STI College – Global City. This chapter also states our objectives, scope and limitations of the proposed project.

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This project is aimed to make patient information with billing system that is importance to a clinic and other establishments. This system can be used to maintain the information and retain for future references. Information about the patient and the charges to be paid are also stored. The making of this system contains the following activities, which try to automate the entire process keeping the view of database integration approach.

1.1 Description and Background
Nowadays, companies have invested time and money so as to grow with the fast changing times. One of the biggest and great contributions of Information Technology is the computer. Business establishments have submitted themselves to the fact that the use of computers would ensure a fast, accurate and efficient system in the conduct of their daily transactions. With this system, tasks were accomplished at the end of the day. Indeed, computers are one of the best inventions that made great contribution to humanity.

The computers have made significant changes in the way organization are structured, how they carry out their activities and how they manage and manipulate their information. Since people and organizations use information every day, they depend on computer and information system to handle all data required in managing their businesses smoothly, effectively, and cost-efficiently People of today are more fascinated with the high technology created by computers. It is because computers perform faster, effective and make activities more accurate than the manual system.

This big difference between the manual and computerized system was determined. With this regard, we found a Dental Clinic who is currently using manual system in all their transactions and proposed thema system that will help making their transactions faster, cost efficient and accurate. Dr. Postres Dental Clinic, from the years of operation has never been indulge to computerized information management and billing system and so we came up of making this system for improvement of the clinic. Business Rules

Page 2 Patient Information system Essay

The clinic accepts three types of customer inquiry; either it is walk-in, Phone call or E-mail. For walk-in customers the clinic requires them to fill up a profile sheet to identify both condition of the patient and their contacts. The assistant will conduct a preliminary interview with the client to determine the patient’s case and explain it to then so that the patient will know their condition and ask them if they want to proceed with the operation. By this method they can assure the case of their patient to avoid unnecessary procedure. The assistant also requires the patient to identify their previous dentist if they have, and contact them to know their medical history to assure that any operation will not disrupt the treatment their patient receives.

For regular patients or old patients of the clinic, they are only required to update their profile to the dentist to assure that they can still keep in touch with them and precede with the interview and operation required to treat their condition. After the interviews they will ask the patient to schedule their appointment to avoid any within the operation room. By this way they can also record the duration of the treatment and retain its stable condition. On the operation the dentist will interview the patient to verify if the information he receives is correct and confirms it by means of check-up to proceed to the operation.

After the operation, the doctor will fill up a prescription with their signature and the clinic’s complete identification to verify that it is an official document handed by the doctor. Within that time the Dentist’s assistant will also create a sale’s invoice with the price written in character to numbers to avoid errors within their Official Receipt (OR) and record it for accounting purposes. This also includes discounts for Senior citizens and person with disabilities.

For customers with down-payment as balance, they are required to pay 50% of their bill and pay a minimum of PHP 500.00 (Five Hundred Philippine Peso) for every session they take with the dentist until the account is settled. The bill also depends on the specialty of the dentist and the treatment given to the patient to fund the business expenses and their services.

1.2 Statement of the Problems
1.2.1 General Problems:

Dr. Postres Dental Clinic is using a manual system in their business. Dr. Postres Dental Clinic gets the patients’ information by providing forms and keeps those forms in envelopes for their records. The billing method of the clinic is by generating manual receipt to the customers. The clinic attendant has to browse all forms in the envelopes when they need to get patients’ information.

1.2.2Specific Problems:
How to lessen a time consumed in accessing, viewing, updating and monitoring patients’ information. How to lower the time used in generating the billing to the customer. How to reduce the time used in generating accurate and efficient clinical, management and billing reports.

1.3 Statement of Objectives
1.3.1General Objectives
To come up with the system that will help the clinic lessen the time consumed in all their transactions like, accessing, viewing, updating and monitoring patients’ information. And also help the clinic store and assure the security of the data by providing database in all the information

1.3.2Specific Objectives

To come up with a module that will help the clinic attendant in accessing, viewing, updating and monitoring patients’ information in a lesser time.To come up with a module that will be able to provide billing reports and automatically store the data in the database.To be able to create a module that will allow clinic attendant in generating billing transactions and in generating clinical and management report.

1.4 Significance of the Study

In this study we understand the importance of the information management to the dental clinic. This study has help us to establish our purposed of creating an efficient information management system. As we go through, we found out how vital it is to a dental clinic to have an information management system and since that the dental clinic we’re proposing to is having a problem in their manual system, we are willing to develop a more proficient information management system.

Having a good information management system is highly needed in a dental clinic for them to have an accurate information about the patients, doctors, appointments, accounting, billing, and inventories, which serves to protect the assets of the dental clinic and it also function as an informative tool that can save labor cost and can wisely use the work time of the company.

This study has a big influence on community on how they improve and develop a system that can make them more knowledgeable on the things they must consider especially in the business world, which is in need of reliable system.

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