Paul Krugman Columnist Project Response

1 January 2017

He points out the fallacy in the Republicans’ arguments. He tells that the Republicans are establishing Mellon-style liquidation as “the official doctrine of the G. O. P. ” Krugman attacks any and all flaws that he can find in the Republican legislation. According to Krugman, the economic policy of the Republicans is to “liquidate” all excessive spending, or as much as possible.

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Krugman says that this pretty much means schoolteachers. He is pretty much is making fun of the opposing Republicans’ actions toward improving the economy. He argues that the Republicans are embracing an 80-year old “economic fallacies,” which he deems as being ineffective. He does admit that the Democrats aren’t helping the case either. He says that they “are offering little pushback. ” Krugman is not very respectful in his refutations of his opponents. He writes the entire article in a cynical tone, one that is almost mocking the Republicans.

Within the article, he uses a large amount of sarcasm through the use of numerous rhetorical questions and verbal irony. While he is describing the Republicans’ argument, he points out that they are saying that “job destruction leads to lower wages, which leads to job creation. ” He is quick to follows that with a rhetorical question that says “But won’t this job creation lead to higher wages, which leads to job destruction, which leads to …? ” Krugman really tends to stick to logos in this article, and tries to persuade the reader through rhetorical strategies such as process analysis and argumentation.

I didn’t agree with Mr. Krugman at all, in fact he made me kind of mad and disgusted at the content of his arguments, as well as the constant trite remarks the he directed towards the Republicans. Despite the fact that I am rather close-minded, I couldn’t help but find that Mr. Krugman resorted more to personal attacks rather than attacks of his opponents’ actions or ideals. However, at the end of the article, I was glad to see that he admitted that the Democrats weren’t doing anything at all to help either, so I give him more credit and will read his articles with a more open mind.

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