Paul Revere

1 January 2018

He was the sole proprietor of his Emily after his father died in 1754. In 1 756, he decided to volunteer in the French and Indian War.

He had fought with the British during this time. He began serving in 1756 in the Lake George Campaign. (8) He was a second Lieutenant in an artillery regiment. Paul participated in the attack to try to take Crown point, a French fort in what would be modern day New York. (9) He eventually joined the Sons of Liberty and North End Caucus and helped the movement to want independence. (3) He participated in the Boston Tea Party. The Boston Tea Party was a protest against the high taxes that theBritish imposed on them.

Paul Revere Essay Example

They protested by dumping tea, which was very valuable back then, into the Boston Harbor. He became a courier for the Colonists. (4) In the year before the Revolutionary war occurred, he began to gain intelligence from various British troops during his rides. (6) Paul Revere was an important person during the Revolutionary War. He was best known for warning the Patriots before the Battle of Concord. Under instructions from Dry. Joseph Warren, On April 18-19 of 1775, him and William Dates waited to see how the oncoming British troops were coming.

When they earned that the British were coming in from the sea, they rode to Lexington to warn John Hancock and Samuel Adams that British troops were coming in. (3)(6) The duo, joined now by Dry. Samuel Prescott, they then attempted to ride to Concord, where important supplies were hidden. (2) Unfortunately, all three were caught and arrested by a British patrol. Prescott and Dates escaped while Paul Revere was held before being released. He eventually began doing military service in 1776 until 1779. He eventually became a Lieutenant Colonel and was put in charge of three artillery companies.

(10)Paul Revere was someone who showed had a strong sense in determination during his life. After the death of his father, Paul became the sole proprietor of his family until he joined the British in 1756 during the F-ranch and Indian war. Later on, he went to join the Sons of Liberty and North End Caucus in their movement towards independence. He was best known for his midnight ride to Lexington to warn Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and other Patriots that the British were coming. Henry Headwords Longfellow later wrote these events in a poem. That poem would end up leaving him amortized in story.

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