Paul Revere

1 January 2018

Back when the days were spent watching little Paul Jar. And his father work endlessly at their silversmith shop only lasted a couple months into our marriage. By the time had our first child together, Joshua, Paul was already riding that horse as a courier for the Boston Committee of Public Safety. In our 18 months of marriage, Paul had already embarked on more than 9 trips and had gone as far as New York and Philadelphia.

With the early signs of the Revolution such as the Destruction of Tea in Boston and the stain with the British, Paul got more involved with the ammonites than I expected.I even tried to convince Paul that his expeditions were becoming a threat to the family, but Paul insisted that Dry. Warren’s requests were valid and important At times I felt like was competing with Dry. Warren for his attention. It wasn’t until the night Of April 18th, 1775 that realized the importance of Pall’s services. May 24, 1810 The last time I talked to Paul before I fled out of Boston, was the night before his infamous ride. We had been continuously arguing about his involvement with the Boston Committee and even contemplated leaving him.

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By the time I awoke on the morning of April 18th, Paul was long gone.I carried on with my usual activities while I imagined Paul somewhere out riding with Dry. Warren. When he didn’t show up for dinner, I was actually kind of relieved that would not have to deal with another fight erupting. But at 1 1 PRNG, started to get worried and by the morning was packing up our most important belongings to flee out of Boston. That morning heard tales of 3 men riding through the night to warn of the British arrival, little did I know that Paul was one of them. Paul, along with William Dates and Samuel Prescott started their journey to Lexington at 1 1 pm on April 18th 1 775, upon instructions from Dry.

Warren.Paul was instructed to warn John Hancock and Samuel Adams Of approaching British ships. As he rode through Charleston, making sure his warning system was in play. The previous weekend he had arranged for two lanterns to be hung from the bell tower of Christ Church in Boston as a warning that British were arriving by sea rather than land. With everything going as planned, at midnight Paul rode through Lexington, while going door to door warning the country-side. Eventually he ended up at the souse Hancock and Adams were staying at. This is the part where everybody has their own interpretation of what Pall’s words of warning were.

But after hearing this story over and over again, will never forget what came out of Pall’s mouth that night. He simply stated, “You’ll have noise enough before long. The regulars are coming out! ” After warning the two, Paul met up with another rider, William Dates and they went on to meet Dry. Prescott. Paul later informed me that all three of them were captured by British patrol on their way out of Lexington. While Dates and Prescott escaped, Paul spent woo more hours being interrogated and was then taken by gunpoint back towards Lexington.When the Battle of Lexington Green started, the patrol officer’s fled with his horse to see the commotion.

Horseless and deserted, Paul walked back towards Lexington and arrived in time to witness the end of the Lexington Green battle. That morning as the battle raged on Paul helped the Hancock family escape, unaware that his family Was doing the same. Back home I contemplated staying and waiting for Pall’s arrival, but I knew that I had to get the children to safety. The most difficult decision I had to make was o leave Paul Jar. , to watch the shop, and our lovely home behind.At this point, had no idea of Pall’s whereabouts and took the 6 children and fled out of Boston, unaware of my final destination. May 25, 1810 I managed to carefully make out of Boston and even wrote a letter to Paul in hopes that he would eventually find us.

All alone, with 6 children was not an easy task but was able to pull it off well until Paul and I reconnected in Watertown. While the war became stronger and stronger as the days went on, I knew that we could not return home. Paul managed to find work printing none and still was a courier. Swear by then Paul had done every job in the book.Finally a year later when we could return home he joined the Massachusetts Militia. Eventually he did decide to take is easy and returned to the family business, he ran a small hardware store and then went on to open the first copper rolling mill in North America. But never again did I complain about the jobs Paul took.

Every time I felt like saying something I just looked at the sparks in his eyes as he retold the story of April 18th. One thing that story has taught me is that Paul is not a quitter. To this day, I still constantly nag him to retire but he’s still at the shop bright and early every morning.He’s just one of those kinds of people. Something that took me years to figure out, want you, my grandchildren, to never forget. Never once did Paul think about himself, or even his family for that matter, he only did what was best for our country. He may not seem like your average hero, but in my eyes Paul will always be a hero, but guess that just because I’m his wife.

Love, Rachel Walker Revere Annotated Bibliography “The Boston Patriots. ” Statutory. Org. N. P. , n. D.

Web. Swept. 2013. This was a good source because it had more about the other things that Paul Revere accomplished in his life as well.It also had facts about other people that were a huge impact on the American Revolution so I got a better understanding of the revolution as a whole and then was able to connect that back to the things that Paul Revere did. ‘A Daughter of the Revolution. ” Masochist.

Org. N. P. , n. D. Web. 8 Swept.

2013. This source was also a really big help because the article was written more about Rachel Walker and her take on their marriage and his lifestyle. In many there documents Rachel isn’t even mentioned so this was a brief overview of how they met and how she felt about Paul activism and her concerns with fleeing Boston during the war.

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