Paul Simon – You&#39re the One

8 August 2019

When first listening to Paul Simon’s latest album,”You’re the One,” you are left to wonder if, at age 58, Simon hasfinally lost his musical touch. On second listen, however, the mostlyautobiographical songs begin to resonate.

“You’re the One”features the 10-piece band Simon has worked with for several years. Gone are theyouthful, upbeat songs such as “Hearts and Bones;” Simon introduces anew side of his musical spectrum with a meditative flavor.

Apost-middle-aged husband and father perspective has replaced what defined hiscareer and was apparent in “Mrs. Robinson,” and “Me and JulioDown by the School Yard.” Matters of family and mortality course through”You’re the One.”

On the jazzy “Darling Lorraine,”Simon recounts the flow of a lifelong relationship that culminates in the deathof one’s spouse. Similarly, “Senorita With a Necklace of Tears”explores love, pain and regret that accompany failed relationships. One of themost poignant aspects of “You’re the One” is the sense of joy andpossibility.

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Paul Simon has brought a new perspective to his music, andthough it is a different and mature view of life, his gift for empathy and hiseye for detail serve him well. In this album, Paul Simon finds the spot wherewisdom and play intersect.

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