Paul Zimmer: Saying it Like it is

4 April 2015
This paper examines “Crossing to Sunlight” by Paul Zimmer, and how his work is approachable for everyone.

This paper discusses contemporary poet Paul Zimmer’s book Crossing to Sunlight, and takes four of his poems to demonstrate how his use of rich language, simile and metaphor, and concrete imagery blend together and manifest as accessible and readable poetry that everyone can enjoy.
Paul Zimmer’s eleventh book, Crossing to Sunlight, is a compilation of previously published work, plus over twenty new poems. His book may be enjoyed by dipping into its pages at random, or by reading from beginning to end. If the latter choice is made, the book has a distinct autobiographical feel to it. The poems appear to map Paul Zimmer’s life from childhood through to present day. They deal with everyday emotions with their tone inducing feelings of sympathy, empathy and at times, sheer unbridled pleasure in the reader. Zimmer achieves this by his use of accessible language and fresh, yet believable simile and metaphor, all firmly anchored with concrete imagery.

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