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9 September 2017

In an English-medium school. many pupils will be larning English as a 2nd ( or subsequent ) linguistic communication. Such pupils are non merely larning a new linguistic communication. but larning through that linguistic communication at the same clip. and so they are faced with the challenge of at the same time larning course of study content while developing academic/subject-related English. This requires instructors to take a double focal point in their planning and instruction in order to take history of the linguistic communication demands of their pupils every bit good as learning capable content. This class focuses on working with English linguistic communication scholars across the course of study. and in peculiar on how instructors can scaffold academic linguistic communication in an incorporate plan. It is appropriate for both ESL specializer instructors. and classroom/ capable instructors who have English linguistic communication scholars in their categories. Presentations and workshops include Sessionss on how instructors can back up 2nd linguistic communication development. the development of spoken linguistic communication. and reading and composing in a 2nd linguistic communication across the course of study. The class includes many practical activities for instructors to utilize with scholars. and instructors will be encouraged to portion their ain patterns. Teaching and larning procedure include:

* Input by presenter ;
* Small group activities. workshops and treatment ;
* Opportunities to see practical schoolroom activities ; * Opportunities for participants to portion their ain patterns ; * Time for participants’ inquiries ;

The class is grounded in current theories of 2nd linguistic communication acquisition ; a functional attack to linguistic communication ; and current 2nd linguistic communication teaching method and pattern. Prior cognition of these countries is non necessary and will be introduced in the context of deductions for pattern. As a consequence of the class participants will:

Widen their current cognition. accomplishments and understanding in the instruction of English linguistic communication scholars across the course of study. and better understand the particular ways to back up the procedure of acquisition ( and larning in ) a 2nd linguistic communication. Teachers will be better able to * Support the procedure of their students’ 2nd linguistic communication acquisition ; * Understand how the ‘academic’ linguistic communication of school differs from informal spoken linguistic communication ; * Develop students’ spoken linguistic communication ;

* Understand how to back up pupils to read and derive significance from complex texts ; * Scaffold students’ composing. including subject-related authorship ; * Acknowledge the value of coaction between ESL specializer instructors and classroom/subject instructors ; * Design language-based activities across the course of study

Workshop Dates. Times and Location|

When: November 10-11. 2012 ( Saturday and Sunday ) 8:30-16:30. Where: Lotus Lounge in Elementary School Building. Western Academy of Beijing

Information about the Course Instructor: Professor Pauline Gibbons ( PhD. MA Applied Linguistics. MA Anthropology. BA Hons. Dip TESOL ) |

Pauline Gibbons began her calling in UK. but has lived in Australia for about 30 old ages. She has taught graduate student and undergraduate TESOL classs at the University of Technology Sydney for the past 20 old ages. prior to which she worked as an adviser in the school sectors. working with school staffs to better results for English linguistic communication scholars. Before traveling to Australia she spent nine old ages in Hong Kong. working at the Polytechnic University. and subsequently returned as a visiting professor to the City University Kowloon. Her work with instructors has besides taken her to Sweden. Laos. Singapore. Indonesia. South Africa. Marshall Islands. Iran. Germany. UK and USA. among other locations. She has worked in a figure of international schools in South East Asia. and late has been working with instructors in distant autochthonal communities in Australia.

Her research in recent old ages has focused on the manner that instructors can supply an intellectually ambitious course of study for their English linguistic communication scholars. while at the same clip supplying them with the lingual staging indispensable to the development of academic linguistic communication and literacy across the course of study. This ‘high challenge. high support’ larning environment is the context for her presentations and workshops in Beijing.

She has published extensively in the country of ESL instruction. including Bridging Discourses in the ESL Classroom: pupils. instructors and research workers ( Continuum. 2006 ) . and three books published by Heinemann for instructors: Learning to Learn in a Second Language ( 1993 ) ; Scaffolding Language. Scaffolding Learning: instruction ESL pupils in the mainstream schoolroom ( 2002 ) ; and English Learners. Academic Literacy and Thinking: Learning in the Challenge Zone ( 2009 ) .

Workshop Cost

Course fee: 450 RMB ( collectible by hard currency )
The cost of the workshop is 450 RMB. The fee will necessitate to be paid on Saturday 10th November by 12pm. RMB hard currency merely will be accepted.
Western Academy of Beijing is unable to publish fa piaos ( the functionary Chinese reception ) but will be supplying a school reception upon payment. Please notify the finance sections in your school that this is the instance prior to coming to the workshop.

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