Paulo Freire “The Banking Concept of Education” Essay Sample

8 August 2017


“The Banking Concept of Education” was invented by Paulo Freire in an effort to depict the deductions of the modern-day educational system. Much unfavorable judgment has been addressed towards this work ; much truth the work has besides revealed. It is hard to reason. whether the writer was wholly right or incorrect – his premises have solid practical bases but can besides be debated. However. it is still interesting and utile to reexamine Freire’s statements as for what banking instruction is.

The Banking construct of instruction

The kernel of the banking construct of instruction created by Freire is in the fact that pupils do non get and utilize cognition to analyse ; the cognition alternatively is merely deposited into them by the instructor. This procedure if viewed by Freire as the agency of impeding creativeness in instruction in general. “This is the banking construct of instruction. in which the range of action allowed to the pupils extends merely every bit far as having.

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filing. and hive awaying the deposits” ( Freire ) . Of class. one may reason that we ourselves are the Godheads of our instruction. and our cognition. However. enterprise in instruction is non ever applicable. particularly when the educational environment does non let any creativeness. as Freire tries to carry us. Therefore. the writer of the banking construct in instruction attempts to turn out that finally. pupils can non transform the deposited cognition. as they are non taught to use their transformational accomplishments.

“In the banking construct of instruction. cognition is a gift bestowed by those who consider themselves knowing upon those whom they consider to cognize nothing” ( Freire ) . As a effect. Freire speaks about “banking” instructors as oppressors. mentioning to the present educational system as “oppressing” . The cognition has ever been the procedure of enquiry. but the banking attacks in instruction alteration these thoughts. and do instruction similar to the suppressing political orientations: the instructor represents himself as opposed to his pupils. and they do non hold any pick to alter this or to get away this resistance. In the banking construct of instruction. pupils have to take their instructors for granted. and as people who know everything. while the pupils know nil ( Freire ) . The major contradiction of the banking instruction Freire depicts in the list of 10 attitudes and patterns of conventional instruction.

We have already mentioned the two of these attitudes. when the cognition is simply deposited into pupils. and when they are accepted by instructors as cognizing nil. Freire assumes that in his attack towards instruction. “the teacher thinks and the pupils are thought about” ( Freire ) . However. it is hard to understand here. in what manner the pupils are being thought of and how it relates to the discussed theoretical model. Does this mean that the pupils are thought about every bit simply the depositories of cognition? This premise can be right in the visible radiation of the already discussed issues. “The teacher negotiations and the pupils listen – meekly ; the instructor subjects and the pupils are disciplined” ( Freire ) . Obviously. the subjugation about which Freire speaks is besides reflected in the fact that pupils are non taken as the sensible objects that are capable of analysing and transforming this cognition. The subjugation is noticed in the state of affairs. when the pupils are non merely invariably disciplined by their instructors. but when they besides have to follow with the picks enforced by the instructor ( Freire ) . Many of us retrieve the state of affairss. when we had to work on the subject chosen by the coach without any possibility to discourse or alter it. Despite the nonsubjective nisus of the present educational system towards flexibleness. the figure of “oppression” illustrations is excessively big to do this “flexibility goal” at least closer.

“The oppressors use their “humanitarianism” to continue a profitable state of affairs. Therefore they react about instinctively against any experiment in instruction which stimulates the critical modules and is non content with a partial reappraisal of reality” ( Freire ) .

The kernel of these oppressors should be decently understood. and Freire makes particular accent on this apprehension: the oppressors ( instructors ) tend to alter the consciousness of the oppressed ( the pupils ) and non the state of affairs. which is called as “oppressive” . The subjugation to creativeness – this is the footing of the banking attack in instruction ; Freire describes a simple illustration in big instruction: “students will ne’er be proposed to critically see reality” ( Freire ) . Beyer is really enlightening in how he analyzes Freire’s construct: “Freire believes this is a signifier of subjugation in that pupils can non see the universe as they wish but alternatively are forced to see the universe in a mode that is approved by those in power” ( 98 ) .

Freire creates a distinguishable resistance between the banking instruction and problem-posing instruction. He obviously supports problem-posing construct for its capacity to decide the contradiction between the instructor and the pupils. when the instructor takes the place superior to that of pupils: “the instructor is no longer simply the-one-who-teaches. but one who is himself taught in duologue with the students” ( Freire ) . Therefore. the problem-posing instruction is the look of Freire’s thoughts as for what instruction should be and what organize it should take. Education should non take the mere signifier of person being taught by person who pretends he knows more ; instruction should be created in the procedure when the teacher’s authorization is no longer valid. As a consequence. the procedures of instruction and development take topographic point in changeless interaction between the pupils and the instructor.

It is possible to propose that Freire has gone beyond the traditional bounds of treatment within the subject of instruction. “He is besides reasoning that the manner of dealingss between instructor and pupil are of import determining relationships for how to be toward each other as humans” ( Beyer 103 ) . We ourselves have become the informants of the state of affairss. when instructors tended to stress their superior place towards us. We besides know how it hurts to understand that the instructor does non take us as equal. This may go a serious obstruction on the manner towards understanding between the instructor and the pupil. and as a consequence. on the manner towards effectual instruction.

Permanence and alteration are besides used by Freire as the two determiners of banking and problem-posing instruction:

“The banking method emphasizes permanency and becomes reactionist ; problem-posing instruction – which accepts neither a “well-behaved” present nor a preset fixture – roots itself in the dynamic present and becomes revolutionary” ( Freire ) .

Therefore. permanency and alteration are the two basic determiners. one of which ( permanency ) determines banking instruction as oppressive towards alteration and creativeness. and the other one ( alteration ) is the basic characteristic of good problem-posing instruction. The dramatic difference between the problem-posing and the banking construct of instruction is in the fact that. as Freire puts it. the banking construct does non let the individual thought of his state of affairs critically. It instead imposes fatalistic perceptual experience of any life state of affairs. The problem-posing attack. on the contrary. represents any state of affairs as a job. which needs analysis and solution. It is doubtless. that the banking construct is the look of the educational subjugation against those who seek creativeness and personal development.


Freire’s work is interesting in footings of clear designation of the issues. which do be in modern-day instruction. Despite the fact that Freire sometimes uses instead extremist footings. his initial purpose was to stand for the current system of instruction as it was. Furthermore. even understanding that we tend to present flexibleness and problem-posing approached into instruction. there is still much to be done in order to wholly extinguish banking attacks in instruction.

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