“Paul’s Case” Literary Analysis Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Many striplings and adolescents across the universe go through many hard obstructions. some more than others. A child’s ambiance has a batch to make with what they do or make non carry through in life. The supporter. Paul. in Willa Cather’s short narrative “Paul’s Case” is a victim of these adolescent problems. From the really beginning of the short narrative it is instead apparent that Paul is a troubled adolescent. From the beginning you can state that Paul is really uncomfortable in his milieus. At school he uses his vesture and his attitude towards school to conceal the fact that he feels this manner. Paul wears a nervous smiling on his face proposing that he doesn’t want people to cognize that he is populating an disappointing life. Paul is really antsy and ever has something in his manus that he plays with to maintain himself occupied otherwise he might respond otherwise when his instructors to state him things he does non desire to hear.

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Paul feels that his teacher’s quarry upon him. “…they fell upon him without clemency. his English instructor taking the battalion. ” ( 401 )

Paul acts paranoid which makes the reader believe that he is in changeless fright of acquiring hurt by person or something. Paul feels the demand to constantly expression over his shoulder. “…seeming to experience that people might be watching him seeking to observe something. ” ( 401 ) Paul does this because he feels like he does non hold anybody to look after him to guarantee his safety. In add-on to being uncomfortable at school. Paul’s place environment makes him experience uneasy excessively. Paul hates holding to be person else around his male parent ; he does non understand why he can non be himself. When Paul leaves his occupation at Carnegie Hall he feels awful walking place to his house because he hates his place environment. “ The nearer he approached the house. the more perfectly unequal Paul felt at the sight of it all…” ( 405 ) . Paul’s house is insanitary and non a good life environment for a adolescent of his age to populate in. Paul wishes to state his male parent that. “he had gone place with one of the male childs and stayed all dark. ” ( 405 ) . so that he does non hold to pass one more dark in the house that he hates so much. He decides non to make this because he realizes that it will merely do more unwanted struggle with his male parent.

Paul is misunderstood by everyone he knows. At school Paul is misunderstood by his instructors. “…there was something about the male child which none of them understood. ” ( 401 ) In the schoolrooms at school Paul is non interested in anything that his instructors are learning him and truly didn’t like his instructors at all. “In the scabies to allow his teachers know how heartily he despised them and their homilies…” ( 408 ) Paul’s instructors believe that he acts the manner he does because he merely does non hold any aspiration to larn and he does non care about school. Paul’s teachers would wish to assist him but they do non cognize how and if they try they are afraid that Paul will eschew them off and deny their aid. After school Paul works at a music hall called Carnegie Hall where he serves as an Ussher. To Paul this is the lone topographic point where is slightly comfy in his environments. However. the other male childs he works with make non understand Paul either.

They think that he’s loony because he does non move like they do. “…he titillated and plagued the male childs until. stating him that he was brainsick. they put him down on the floor and sat on him. ” ( 403 ) The male childs think that Paul is unusual and that he does non understand what it is like to be a adolescent. so they can non associate to him. Then eventually when Paul goes home after a long twenty-four hours he sees his male parent. who like everybody else in his life. does non understand him. Paul loves his occupation because he gets to lose himself in the music. Paul’s male parent does non understand Paul’s love for the theater and merely lets Paul maintain his occupation because he earns a salary. “His lone ground for leting Paul to usher was. that he thought a male child ought to be gaining a small. ” ( 407 ) If Paul’s father knew about his son’s love for music so Paul might hold more aspiration to travel to school and larn about music because he would hold support from his male parent. However. Paul’s male parent does non truly hold an involvement in his son’s instruction. Paul does non cognize how to decide his ain jobs so he looks to suicide for an reply.

Towards the center of the narrative Paul starts to demo that he does non desire to travel place because he does non desire to see his male parent. He thinks about stating his male parent that he had no auto menu so he went place with one of the Carnegie Hall boys. Paul decides non to and ends up confronting his male parent. Finally Paul can non take it any longer and decides to pack up his things and run off to New York City. “Not one time. but a 100 times Paul has planned his entry into New York” ( 409 ) This quotation mark besides suggests that Paul has thought about running off old times but has non had the bravery to really run off. Paul finds a hotel and programs on remaining at that place for a piece. When Paul is on the train he is all of a sudden awaken by the train’s whistling which startles him. He rapidly gestures towards his chest pocket. “…he clutched rapidly at his chest pocket. peeking about him with an unsure smiling. ” ( 409 ) This suggests that Paul has something leery in his pocket that he does non desire anyone to happen out he has. Subsequently on in the narrative the reader discover that it was a six-gun in his pocket that he was be aftering to kill himself with. “He had a feeling that he had made the best of it. that he had lived the kind of life he was meant to populate. and for half an hr he sat gazing at the six-gun. ” ( 414 )

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