PC Boot Process Essay Sample

9 September 2017

The boot procedure is something that happens every clip you turn your computing machine on. You don’t truly see it. because it happens so fast. You press the power button come back a few proceedingss subsequently and Windows XP. or Windows Vista. or whatever Operating System you use is all laden. However. what truly happens when you press the power button and turn your computing machine on? This procedure is called the boot procedure and this article will assist you understand the procedure of turning on your computing machine. The followers is a list of what typically happens in a personal computer. but it will differ depending on your bios and maker.

1. The first measure your computing machine does when you press the power button. is to turn the Computer Power Supply on. Once a ‘Power Good’ signal is sent to the motherboard. the CPU so ( understanding that the power supply is stable ) looks for the ROM bios.

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2. The CPU looks to the ROM bios for the first direction. and the first direction is to run the POST ( Power-On-Self-Test ) .

3. The POST first checks the bios and so tests the CMOS RAM. If there is no jobs with this so POST continues to look into the CPU. hardware devices such as the Video Card. the secondary storage devices such as the Hard Drive. Floppy Drives. Zip Drive or CD/DVD Drives.

4. If there are any mistakes found so an mistake message is displayed on screen or a figure of bleeps are heard. These bleeps are known as POST bleep codifications. The ground the computing machine sometimes uses beep codifications alternatively of exposing an mistake message is because the picture card has non yet been initiated or there may be an mistake with the card.

5. Next the bios finds the picture card and runs the picture card’s bios. This normally is the first thing that modern machines show on the screen. After that the computing machine looks at the other devices and runs their bios’ if they have one.

6. The bios so displays the system constellation.

7. During the show more trials are conducted including the trial that shows your computing machine proving the memory. If there are any jobs found from now on they will be displayed in a text message on the screen.

8. After that the bios hunts for something that it can boot from. This can be set in the CMOS under boot sequence. It can be set to the Angstrom: Drive ( Floppy ) Degree centigrade: ( Hard Drive. Primary Partition ) Calciferol: ( CD/DVD Drive ) or others such as the USB thrust or web card ( depending on the bios ) .

9. Once the mark boot device has been selected the bios will seek for the Master Boot Record ( MBR ) . If it is seeking for a difficult thrust it looks at cylinder 0. caput 0. sector 1.

10. Once a valid volume boot sector is found the bios has done its occupation and hands over control to the Operating System that completes the booting procedure. It will besides carry on a few hardware trials.

11. If no valid boot record is found the computing machine will expose an mistake such as the undermentioned: Non-System Disk or disc mistake
Replace and imperativeness any cardinal when ready

12. If a valid boot record is found but it can non read the Master Boot Record so the computing machine will expose a message such as: Disk boot failure. insert system disc and imperativeness enter

This concludes this article on the boot procedure that happens to your computing machine when you press that power button. Were you surprised at how much work the computing machine has to make when it starts? It surprised me when I foremost heard about it.

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