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10 October 2016

Major forces in the macro environment ·Demographics forces Lenovo is the native enterprise of China and Chinese population is so large that the purchasing power in China is still very strong. In recent years, Lenovo mainly developed business in Russia, India and Brazil and we can find that these three countries are also the ones among the top 10 populous countries in the world. Considering the age trends, Generation X & Y are the main group of consumers. Especially after entering the 21th century, the number of customers who are over 50 years old is continuously growing. Cultural forces The young people are paying more attention to the leisure and spending more on such electronic products. This trend motivates Lenovo to innovate new products. ·Political forces The scientific development concept, stated by General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, has a focus of ‘making the information industry bigger and stronger’. According to this, the Chinese political environment is favorable to the internationalization target of Lenovo. ·Technological forces To be honest, Lenovo does not have a core technology.

However with internationalization acquisitions of IBM, Medion and CCE, Lenovo has obtained some advanced techniques and gotten a better technological environment. ·Natural forces The production bases of Lenovo are established respectively in Beijing, Shanghai and Huizhou which are cities with convenient transportation. Besides China has abundant natural resources which are beneficial to the manufacturing enterprises. ·Economic forces The previous years’ international financial crisis lead to a worldwide market fluctuates strongly.

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Consumers spend less on IT and commercial PC in period of economic recession. 1. 2Major forces in the micro environment ·Suppliers Lenovo introduced the management mode of Dell, making the suppliers build factories near the product department of Lenovo. They take a measure of ‘get the products when you need’ to let the suppliers share the risk and expenditure of storing components. ·Competitors There are many famous IT companies in the world, such as, HP, Apple, Dell, Toshiba, Sony and Samsung. They are strong competitors to Lenovo.

Some of the companies like Dell and Acer are trying their best to develop commercial and consumer market to attract customers. However, Lenovo took a study of new technology as the main work and ignored the market expansion for a long time since it improved its global recognition after purchasing IBM. ·Customers The GDP per capita in China keeps growing these years with an accumulative fortune of customers. As we all know, buying power matters income, the more purchasing power, the more profit to native market. And there is another point that consumers are gradually changes from the enterprises into individual.

By researching the characteristics of different customers and designing the approximate products which can meet their needs, Lenovo can establish a good long-time brand image in the mind of consumers. ·Considering the rural customers nowadays, Lenovo has found that rural market will be a part of purchasing power in the future because these customers have strong brand awareness. And after the Consumer Electronics Subsidy Program, Lenovo have got brand impacts in the rural areas. 2. 2Positioning Lenovo’s positioning mainly considers the following factors: ·Brand name

Lenovo gave up its original trademark ‘Legend’ and changed it into ‘Lenovo’ in 2004. The new brand name ‘Lenovo’ is made up of ‘Le’ which is the prefixes of ‘Legend’ and ‘novo’ which has the meaning of ‘innovation’ in Latin. Hence, the new brand name represents the positioning of Lenovo’s target of being the legend in the IT market depending on innovation of products. ·Competitive advantages Lenovo’s typical brand proposition is ‘more for the same’. Therefore, it has to have some competitive advantages that can leave customers greater value than the other companies.

And the following factors are Lenovo’s main competitive advantages. (1) Lenovo divides their consumers into groups in detail and they have various products designing for different types of customers. (2) Lenovo has a big and high-quality technical team which has a number of researchers and engineers who are knowledgeable in designing new products. So they can ensure that the product is fashionable and fully functional. (3)They test the products according to the standard parameters strictly and then they can ensure the high quality of every product. Service By virtue of the high-tech means which is at the leading place in its field, Lenovo promise to provide pre-sale, sale and after-sale services to customers. Strategy analysis Customer Segmentation & product choice Lenovo divides their customers into five groups according to the scale of customers, such as, home & home office, small business, medium business, large enterprises and business partners. And then they also subdivide the individual consumers into more detailed segmentation. ·Geographic City customers & rural customers with a strong brand awareness in China -Customers from Europe, Asia and South America ·Demographic -College students -Young ladies who are white-collars -Fashion gentlemen -Businessmen -Middle-aged person -Old people ·Psychographics -Game players -People with no special needs Especially, Lenovo focus their attention on four main types of people——young white-collars, game players, college students and rural people because they are the most representative among the customers.

The white-collars pay attention to the quality of life, pursuing the products which are contracted but not simple. Therefore, Lenovo designed a new kind of laptop—-‘ideapad Y’ for them because the products of serious of ‘idea’ initiate a life attitude of optimistic and joyful. The game players hope to release their pressure by playing the exciting games. So they need a kind of computer which has a wonderful function of image sound multimedia. And then Lenovo developed ‘ideacentre K’ and ‘ideapad Y550’ for them because of the HD screen and quad Core.

And the main function of this web could be classified by 4 sections, which are introduction of products, online shop, solution for and services & warranty, simply but practical. The most important thing we notice is the online shop, since the great brand value, the online shop is an important area to build the customer confidence. Why people choose to buy product in the homepage shop not the other B2B or other online retail shop. The most important thing is the Trust! Because of the customer believes in the really enormous multinational company with a great brand value.

So the online shop can not let them down, it is important for building brand value. At this aspect the Lenovo works well. Owe to a good management of supply chain, they keep a promise of deliver date on the online shop strictly, which leads to a good reputation of online sales service. Besides that, the brief introduction and picture of the item gives customer a really easy way to purchase product, so the homepage of the Lenovo accumulate a lot of customer trust recent years. Another online presence the Lenovo devote itself to is, as most big company does, the social communication.

As the above picture, Lenovo chooses so many methods to showcase themselves and seize eye on it. Let’s make the Facebook of the Lenovo as an example. Since the majority of Facebook users are adolescences, the most attractive thing for them, usually, is the making open character. For that reasons, the Lenovo online presence pays much attention to the self-made video uploading system which aims at the customers and the potential customers who use the Facebook to express themselves. Many visitors are attracted by those, and via that video, they make a beautiful combination with the brand of Lenovo and the customer communication.

In the meantime it leaves a greatly deep expression to the curious video-visitors and stimulating the consumption eventually. Besides that, actually the Lenovo Facebook constructs a great exchange platform for customers. They can share the experience of the product on it, find out the advantages and disadvantages of new product and get much useful information about secondhand product selling. And I successfully get a good suggestion on how to choose a functional PC via it, so I think it is the best thing I found on the online presence of Lenovo, a wonderful online community for the IT-lover!

The last but least, an efficient customer feedback system really improve the company a lot. At this point I think the Lenovo need to do better, because I almost can not find any where to give some feedback to the company. At a short glance on the most of the online presence method of Lenovo, the wed always reflect a situation that if you have some words to tell them, the email is the only way you can choose. Even when you use the Facebook you still can not leave a feedback for them on the web directly, which I think is not humanity design at all. The international marketing strategic

A background of the Lenovo Group Lenovo is a Chinese personal computer manufacturer that has grown to be the third largest personal computing company in the world. Since its acquisition of the IBM PC Division in 2005, Lenovo has been a player on the international stage, expanding its operations rapidly. By 2006, Lenovo had acquired and set up significant investments and centers in the United States, and had begun marketing Lenovo branded products outside China for the first time. There is a SWOT analysis for Lenovo recent year globe activities. SWOT analysis Strengths

Lenovo’s major strengths lie in its current brand image and market share. On international scale, Lenovo ranks second in corporate sales. It shows tremendous capability for improvement, however, due to its superior reputation for high quality and high end products inherited from IBM. And for a long time till now, Lenovo always has a strong base in China, with a 29% share of China’s PC market. Weaknesses Since Lenovo is a fresh player in the international stage it has a lot of weaknesses in its outlook. In general, its manager team really needs professional market knowledge to be competitive with the HP and Dell.

For many cases say that the Lenovo react slowly to the marketing changes. Opportunities It is the most important part of the global activities for the Lenovo, because it is a perfect timing of it to relieve bottleneck. In fact, managing a globe brand is really a hard work for a manage team, especially the Lenovo really lack of experience. However the acquisition of the CCE is a wonderful chance to raise it own reputation. A detail analysis is made via our group work. As the China PC market is increasing slower than it before 2008, the Lenovo need more oversea sale to make it up.

Since the US economy suffers and the HP has a great market share in European Union, the Lenovo had to make an innovative progress. At this time, it does not let the chance go, the Lenovo choose to open up the Brazil PC marketing. As everybody knows the Brazil will be the host of the 2014 world cup and the 2016 Olympics games, which is a big time to develop the economy and showcase itself, at this time to exploit the market of South America not only to take an advantage of being a lead in this market but also has a great chance to raise it own brand in world scale.

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