Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic Business Plan Proposal

5 May 2016

With long waits at the emergency room, pediatric urgent care centers have become an alternative to after-hours care for children. It takes great patience, and a big caring and compassionate heart to take care of sick or ill patients.

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Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic Business Plan Proposal
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It takes a greater patience to take care of greatly ill or sick children after the hours of your normal pediatrician hours. This is a growing need and urgent request to fulfill as there are not many pediatric urgent care facilities in place at this time. Urgent Care is designed to complement your primary care pediatrician by providing services when your doctors’ offices’ are typically closed.

Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic is designed for treatment of illnesses and injuries for which your child would normally receive care at his or her pediatrician’s office such as ear infections, sore/strep throat, cold/flu-like symptoms, minor cuts, scraps, burns, rashes, sprains, etc. We will offer “after hours” service as a convenience to you instead of emergency room care. If your child’s illness or injury requires emergency care, then we will direct you to the nearest emergency room (UMHC, nd).

The Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic of Martinsville, is intended to be formed as a pediatric urgent care located at 2121 Main St., Martinsville, Virginia, 24112, in the heart of the city, which is convenient and accessible to anyone. This is presumed to be a great rapid growth in the healthcare urgent care industry.

The Business seeks funding to take advantage of a window of opportunity for introducing a new pediatric urgent care clinic facility. This has the potential to dominate the urgent care market in the area, and nearby surrounding cities.

This will be a unique urgent care clinic different from most known, as it will only serve children age newborn to adolescent. Most urgent care facilities see patients from newborn to adult age; this urgent care will be staffed with pediatric emergency medicine trained physicians who are able to address the unique medical needs of children.

The level of care that will be given will be driven by evaluation & treatment provided by medical staff experienced in pediatric emergency medicine, with continued ongoing training and education. The goal of The Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic is to serve pediatric patients as an after-hours option, at a lesser cost, that could be treated on primary care level. This is a cheaper alternative option than going to the emergency room for illness or injury.


“Although the American Academy of Pediatrics does not encourage the routine use of urgent care facilities because it may undermine the provision of coordinated, comprehensive, family-centered care consistent with the medical home concept, the use of these facilities as part of urgent and emergent care systems is not uncommon (AAOP, 2005).”

The Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic, the service will provide walk-in, extended hour access of Monday-Friday: 4:00pm to Midnight and Saturday and Sunday 12pm to Midnight for children with acute illness and injury care that is beyond the primary care practice. We will have a full service organization that will have on-site X-ray and Laboratory services.

This service is specifically geared toward treating children only; therefore the equipment needed will have to be suitable for smaller patients. See the below table of pediatric equipment required and is this may not be an all-inclusive list, but well needed equipment

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