Penn And Teller’s Refrigerator Tour

I recently attended Penn and Teller’s “Refrigerator Tour” at the Colonial Theatre. The show was filled with magic and humor, focusing on a mature audience. It was sold-out, which made the atmosphere exciting and the traffic in the theatre horrendous during intermission. Penn provided the audience with the verbal humor while Teller was the silent partner. They did a few baffling magic tricks and showed the audience how a couple of them were done. Most of their acts were long skits with a lot of dialogue from Penn. In one act, Penn and Teller chose people from the audience to get their minds read by Mofo, the talking monkey head. In another, Teller showed his courage by pulling pieces of food from all kinds of animal traps. Overall, Penn and Teller’s “Refrigerator Tour” was a night well spent at the Colonial Theatre. The show was full of laughter and magic that kept the audience awake and laughing. The shared laughter continued long after this two- hour magical comedy was over. Hopefully, Penn and Teller will come back soon to the Boston area. n

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