Penn foster exam

5 May 2016

I want to inform you of a position here at INK. My boss, Daniel Smith, is looking for a personal assistant and I know that you would be perfect for the position. Your background in sales and cashiering lend some qualifications to the job, but it is your outgoing personality and attention to detail that are sure to win him over.

The Job Requirements include:
-Preparing coffee every morning
-Creating speeches for Mr. Smith’s many public appearances -Joining Mr. Smith at weekly conferences

-Keeping a detailed log of Mr. Smith’s contacts with business and community members including personal information about their families, likes, dislikes, and hobbies -Managing Mr. Smith’s business account and petty cash funds.

With your background as a cashier, I have no doubt that you will excel at managing the books. I have always noticed your ability to organize any situation to run smoothly, so I am assured that you can also handle Mr.

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Smith’s many public appearances and conferences. Your success as a sales clerk is surely due to your bright and positive personality- in fact I have rarely seen you without a smile for everyone.

Mr. Smith can be a bear in the mornings without his coffee, so your upbeat attitude and your ability to roll with the punches, so to speak, will be a huge asset in that regard. I also know that in our family, you are the one who remembers everyone’s birthday’s, so as far as making Mr. Smith’s guests and associates feeling welcome, you are the best person for the job.

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