People Attend College or University

5 May 2018

This is due to the financial problem and also the amount of college and university hat built up in that time. But in this new millennium, all people are having an opportunity to go to college or university because of the scholarships and dispersion of the private or government college and university in everywhere. Today, people attend the college or university because of some reasons. The reasons are preparation for their career, increased knowledge and gained new experience.First and foremost, the most important reason why people attend the college or university is due to the preparation for their own career. Nowadays, every people desire to have a good job, but, what is going on in he work field is the companies demand a high qualification for those new employees.

Therefore, the people need to get a high level of education to get a good job. For example, diploma, degree, master certificate are needed for the people to get a place in the work field. Those with the SUM, STEP certificate are slowly eliminated by the companies now.A high level of education such as the diploma, degree, master and PhD enable the graduates to get a good post like financial analysts, accountant, engineer, doctor, banker and so on. In contrast, the people who are with the SUM or STEP level possible work as a salesman, clerk, and so on. Besides that, a good post also will get a good paid. With the higher paid, this will make the people life more happiness.

The second reason why people attend the college or university is to increase knowledge. The knowledge that a people need to know are general knowledge and academic knowledge.Inside the university or college, there are numerous courses that are offered. We can learn the general knowledge not only in the newspaper but also in the university or college through the course mate, housemate, seniors and professors although you are not study in that course. For example, why some people will suffer insomnia? From this question, we can direct obtain the answer from the student who is study the psychology. Besides that, we also can observe more information from the lecturers who are expert in this field.Furthermore, study in college or university is totally different from you are study in the secondary school.

This is because when we are study in secondary school, we are studying all the subject include science, principle of accounting, moral, history and so on. And these subjects, we are just learn the basic of it and pass through title. However, in contrast, we are separated from the science, cuisines and economic when we study in college and university. We are concentrated in one subject and learn more detail in that particular subject.With the knowledge we gain in university, we can think out of the box not only the content in the box. Last but not the least, the reason why people attend college or university is to have a new experience in the journey of their life. For example, in the university or college, the students can have the opportunity to make new friends from different states or even different countries.

Studying in college or university for few years will help you to come more mature, more confident and more independent.For example, every student will feel nervous when they live in a stranger environment, especially for those who are the first time stay away from their parents. Therefore, they have to learn and do everything by themselves. Besides that, they also have to know how to socialize better with the friends around them for the purpose of group project and also sharpen their social skills. They have to make a close relationship with the friends and professor to result a successful project. Thus, they have to change the way of thinking to adapt the ewe life.In college or university, the hardship that a student facing like understand the different culture and custom of other local and oversea students make their life more challenging.

So they have to solve the problem to pass through the university life. In a nut shell, preparation for their own career, increase the knowledge and gain new experience are the reason of why people attend college or university. Thus, graduated from university is important for people to meet this sophisticated world and competitive workforce market because they had fulfilled with qualifications.

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