People Like Us Essay Sample

10 October 2017

Journal Entry One: David Brooks. “People Like Us” . pages 22-28 of Across Cultures Q: Brooks maintains that people like to group themselves with others who are similar to themselves. What factors are mentioned that might supply a centre of association for persons? A: Some factors Brook references which causes persons to group themselves together are economical position. background. degree of instruction. and geographics. As creek provinces “We are happening topographic points where we are comfy and feel we can flourish” ( 23 ) . For illustration. people are cognizant that in order to run a concern such as a motor-home concern they have to travel to a topographic point such as Monroe. County Pennsylvania since they will weave a monolithic sum of people who portion this passion.

Another factor that Brooks related to was to whom you marry. Brook references “Americans tend more and more to get married people with instruction degrees similar to their ain. and befriend people with background similar to their ain. it is human nature” ( 24 ) . As creek argues. people want to be around others who portion similarities and a common background. This is merely the manner that most people think they will be more satisfied. Q: In paragraphs 13 and 14. Brooks argues that “institutions that talk most about diverseness frequently pattern it the least” What grounds does he utilize to back up this statement? Rodriguez 2

A: As Brooks says elite universities { Institutions that talk the most about diverseness } frequently pattern it the least. An illustration that Brooks references in his essay is “How no group of people sing the diverseness anthem more often and fierily than decision makers at merely such elect universities” ( 25 ) . This quote represents Brooks statement straight because if elect universities talk so much about diverseness. how come they are the 1s that pattern it the least? In fact. a survey done by the Conservative Center for the Study and Popular Culture and the American Enterprise Institute concluded “That approximately 90 % of professors registered as Democrats at Brown University…These consequences were besides common in Penn Sate. Harvard. and Maryland” ( 25 ) . These statistics causes Republicans to non experience welcomed in topographic points such as Brown. which as Brook references besides amendss the cause.

The fact that most people are scared to do that first measure. and seek to interrupt tht boundary. If universities were more diverse than it should be a figure like 32 % registered Democrats and 31 % registered Republicans ( 25 ) . Surely these types of statistics would typify an establishment that non merely negotiations about diverseness. but represent it. Q: After you finish reading this essay. what decisions do you come to about how Brooks feels about the cleavage that exists in America? What are some concrete effects of seeking out “people like us” ? A: Brooks feels that the cleavage bing in America is because of human nature. Brook mentions how “The dream of diverseness is like the dream of equality. Both are based on thoughts we celebrate even as we undermine them daily ( 25 ) . Brooks arguesdiversity in America is a job that gets unmarked day-to-day. in fact he finds the Rodriguez state of affairs shocking how Americans can be so narrow minded since most of us cant digest a few thoughts significantly different from our ain ( 26 ) . Brooks provinces diverseness is something that needs to be worked on because people keep sabotaging it. An illustration of a concrete consequence in seeking out “people like us” that Brooks references is the deficiency of diverseness ; nevertheless. Brooks is cognizant. that separately. it does hold positive sides.

For illustration. people are happy when they are among others who are of the same political party and portion a similar background. This grounds causes certain topographic points such as Monroe. County Pennsylvania to be a top five in motor home-friendliest county in America ( 24 ) . since anyone with an involvement in motor-homes know that this is a welcoming topographic point. Another consequence of seeking out “people like us” is the racial vicinities that form throughout. For illustration we all likely have heard of some vicinities being referred to as ‘black vicinities or ‘Mexican neighborhoods’ . As Brook references. for illustration. Lashkar-e-Taibas say a black household was asked to populate in the same house of. have the same disbursals but in a ‘Mexican neighborhood’ and they will most likely non take that offer. This is what people are happening normal. The job. as Brook argues. happens when people start seeing diverseness ( whether it is racial or non ) as a job. like if it were bad for a black household to hold a Mexican neighbour.

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