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8 August 2017


Apart from a feasible merchandise or service. a successful company today must hold a well-define organisational design. a well-established organisational civilization. and teamwork among the employees. These three constituents. combined with a reliable merchandise or service. are strong indexs of a company’s capacity for advancement and stableness.

For the intent of this paper. a comparative analysis of two companies will be conducted based on their single organisational design or construction. organisational civilization. and teamwork. From the designation of their varying features. a all-around set of guidelines will be established to make the ideal company set-up ( Nadler & A ; Rushman. 1997 ) that would boom in the concern universe of today.

The first company is Safety Mint ( UK ) Ltd. It is a household run company that was passed on from one coevals to another. The laminitis. Samuel Mint. established the company in 1902 as a maker of steel transporting containers. Today the Mint household.

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as represented by Samson Mint. who is besides the current President of the company. owns 70 % of the portions. While the other 30 % is ain by three separate entities similarly represented in the Board of Directors.

Safety Mint still continues to run in the same manner they did in over 100 old ages of being. Very minimum alterations in procedures and processs have been adapted. including direction manner and human resource patterns. There are several issues that need turn toing that are virtually unmarked because of the austere rebelliousness to alter by both leading and employees.

Docklands Solutions Ltd. is the 2nd company discussed in this paper. Founded in 1997. this 10 twelvemonth old company is an expert in computing machine package and securities engineering. Tony Adabayo is the self-made laminitis of Docklands Solutions. He commissioned five other co-workers to get down this first coevals company. Docklands Solutions has since so grown from 6 to 150 employees in its short history.

The leading of Docklands Solutions recognizes the value of employees to growing of a company. In concern programs and schemes. employees are considered every bit of import with clients. Therefore. programs and schemes frequently revolve around client and employee satisfaction. As a consequence a low turnover has been experienced at Docklands Solutions since its constitution in 1997.

A glance into the overview of the two companies already shows really distinguishable differences between Safety Mint and Docklands Solutions. However. it can non be deduced that one company is merely better than the other. Both companies possess qualities that prove to be AIDSs for concern success. This paper will therefore place these qualities and find their significance in making a winning concern today.

The Practice of Teamwork

Businesss today acknowledge that teamwork is one of the basic constituents to construct a great and durable ( Rose. 2007 ) company. It is the facet that contributes coherence ( Hubpages. com. 2007 ) to the full concern. Simply put. teamwork does non merely vouch smooth operational systems. it besides provides solidarity in footings of ends and aims. Teamwork is indispensable to a thriving concern.

Looking into Safety Mint. one would notice compensate away that teamwork is barely a factor in the concern. What makes it even more hard for teamwork to happen is that Safety Mint is a nonionized company. As a general feeling. nonionized companies create a comparatively more combative workplace ( Grossman. 2005 ) . Union workers develop more trueness towards their association that to the company itself. On the other manus. leading in nonionized companies are ever wary of brotherhoods and have the inclination to project a defensive stance towards them. Safety Mint has experienced several seeking state of affairss with their brotherhoods. In fact. in the last 5 old ages the company faced 8 work stoppages form their Liverpool production workers. These work stoppages have caused considerable harm to the company’s operations. The negative impact these work stoppages have brought to the Leadership of the company has made them see brotherhoods as nuisance to come on.

Unions in companies should be collaborative in nature ( Grossman. 2005 ) . They should assist in accomplishing company ends while protecting the involvement of member employees. In Safety Mint. the brotherhood is more of a hinderance to ends. And as member employees are frequently preoccupied with their ain involvements. company ends take a backseat. productiveness becomes secondary.

The presence of a brotherhood is non the lone factor that hinders teamwork. Safety Mint is besides one-sided when it comes to decision-making. Out of 407 employees. less than 10 people make determinations. Very small input is given by employees even when determinations ( Team Builders Worldwide. 2008 ) greatly affect their day-to-day work activities. Therefore employees are non empowered plenty to originate alterations that might turn out helpful in footings of productiveness.

Docklands Solutions in bend shows really strong features of teamwork. Leadership puts really high respect to employee input when doing determinations. peculiarly those that affect day-to-day work activities. The company encourages employees to hold a positive position ( Maxwell. 2001 ) on things. As a consequence. it creates a free-flow of thoughts that by and large contribute to the credence of company ends as their ain.

A great trade of the company’s success may be attributed to teamwork. Employees exhibit a sense of trueness to non merely the work they do but to the ultimate aims ( Hubpages. com. 2007 ) of the company every bit good. Thingss get done through a high public presentation built into a harmonious work environment.

While Docklands Solutions seem to boom with teamwork. Safety Mint battles. Teamwork is first and foremost an enterprise ( Maxwell. 2001 ) of a company’s Leadership. The Leadership should be sold in the thought before the employees catch on. Docklands Solutions Leaders provide the inspiration and so employees easy adapt to it. On the other manus. Safety Mint’s more than 100 old ages history has made its Leadership complacent with old-school wonts and patterns. The autocratic manner is preferred over teamwork. Although the success of Safety Mint can non be discounted over the old ages. new concern kineticss demand a reshaping of these old patterns. Docklands Solutions. being a younger company. seems to accommodate better with new concern systems. And since teamwork is a comparatively new concern construct. the company seems more unfastened to it.

The Organizational Structure and Design

An ideal organisational construction or design is one that supports the company’s policies. predominating behavior within the company and public presentation ( Galbraith. 1995 ) . The star theoretical account of Galbraith emphasizes the relationship between five different elements of an organisational design. These elements are scheme. construction. people. wages. and procedure. To accomplish success in concern these elements should work cohesively together.

A newer return on organisational construction focuses on the hunt for competitory advantage as a shaping end ( Nadler & A ; Rushman. 1997 ) of concerns today. While it considers proficient expertness. human input and scheme ( Nadler & A ; Rushman. 1997 ) as of import factors to a thriving concern. this comparatively new construct acknowledges the demand for concerns to be frontward looking.

Docklands Solutions is basically a company born from the coming of the information age. By and large the concern systems incorporated by the company address the demands of the times. The Leaders of the company are well-versed with their merchandises and services. In fact. they have personal input in the creative activity and development of most their merchandises and services. Employees are every bit tech understanding. They are rather comfy in carry oning concern for the company. There is a good working relationship among the Leaders and the employees. Strategic designs are clear to everyone in the company. Both Leaders and employees know where the company is headed and how to acquire at that place. They portion common involvements and are rather prepared to work together to accomplish ends and aims.

At Safety Mint the concern construction was established upon its initiation in 1902. While it remains formidable in footings of merchandise expertness. the Leadership today does non needfully portion the same passion for the merchandise and services as their Laminitis. Taking in the basic difference of passion between leaders and directors. the Leadership of Safety Mint today is no longer leading but chiefly managerial. It would look that the Leadership is no longer invested in the company. This is the basic quandary of the company. When the Leader no longer possesses the desire or involvement to develop the company. employees will absorb the same attitude. And while the company remains a leader in the industry because of their quality merchandises. this alone ( Galbraith. 1995 ) will non be able to prolong the full company in the long tally.

Another thing traveling against Safety Mint is its slow reaction to the demands of concerns today. While their competition is doing the most of new concern systems. Safety Mint still Bankss on old patterns. Truth be told. the company. while still strong in the industry. is the last to acclimatise to the information age. Integrating alterations ( Nadler & A ; Rushman. 1997 ) is by and large viewed as disbursal instead than an investing. Even employee know-how becomes outdated because the Leadership finds it unneeded to fit them farther. The dislocation in the organisational construction of the company was strongly felt in 2007 when Safety Mint experienced its first year-end loss in its history.

Safety Mint in footings of organisational construction is really traditional. It still applies the same schemes. expertness and human kineticss as when it was foremost founded. The creative activity of the Board of Directors did really small to alter the Leadership set-up of the company. Leadership still remains one-sided for most parts. Therefore. the likeliness of integrating alterations within the construction lies to a great extent on the determinations made by the Leadership.

Organizational construction of Docklands Solutions is really different. Although still non really ideal for some parts. at least the company is more flexible when it comes to reacting to altering times. Since the Leadership values employee input. alterations are more likely to happen in a congruous mode. At the same clip the Leadership and employees are both progressive minds. the likeliness of promotion is more apparent.

Organizational construction is a really of import index of success ( Galbraith. 1995 ) . The stronger the concern foundation. the farther the concern will progress. Safety Mint began with a well-established organisational construction. The foundation created more than 100 old ages of fruitful being for the company. It is unfortunate that the foundation that Safety Mint successfully established no longer fits the demands on concerns today. Furthermore. it would look that this really foundation is what’s maintaining the company from progressing further. On the other side of the spectrum is Docklands Solutions. The company is highly fictile to the times. And because it is a comparatively new company. its foundation is still really much applicable to the prevailing concern systems of today.

The Prevailing Organizational Culture

Interpersonal relationships. attitude towards work. inaugural. committedness. trueness and productiveness are great indexs of organisational civilization ( Queensland Government. 2007 ) . The more positive the degrees are of these factors. the more positive the prevalent civilization within the company. A positive civilization ( Attitude Works ) produces happier employees. better merchandises and better company public presentation. In kernel the organisational civilization is imperative in a collaborative ( Hayes. 2007 ) and successful company. Employees merely work better in a positive environment. At the same clip. employees are more likely to react to alter in a more encouraging mode. This is necessary in footings of concerns today when alterations are required rather frequently.

The prevalent organisational civilizations of the two companies. Safety Mint and Docklands Solutions. can non be more different. As a affair of fact. they are really polar antonyms. While at Docklands Solutions. employees seem to bask traveling to work because of the positive environment within the company. at Safety Mint. employees drag themselves to work. At Safety Mint. absenteeism is a large concern.

Leadership plays a important function in constructing a positive civilization. At Docklands Solutions. there is an unconventional relationship between the Leadership and employees. There is a free-flow of thoughts and an optimistic mentality all about. The Leadership continuously expresses their gratitude to the employees. In bend. the employees reciprocate through increased degrees of productiveness and trueness. The positive organisational civilization in Docklands Solutions contributed vastly to the high keeping quotient of the company.

The positive organisational civilization within Safety Mint has since diminished with clip. There seems to be a turning sense of weariness among the Leadership and employees. An accurate description of the company’s civilization today would be a general deficiency of enthusiasm. This is evidently non helpful in footings of the company’s public presentation. It can be said that its bing organisational civilization is what pulled it down to a year-end loss in 2007 as good. Employees are uninspired and the Leadership seems withdrawn and unaffected. Safety Mint used to be a company of verve that is why it was able to last every bit long as it did. However. the relaxation of its organisational civilization deduces the chance of the company to progress even farther. and last even longer.

In kernel. organisational civilization makes or interrupt a company. Docklands Solutions and Safety Mint merely conveying these possibilities to visible radiation. And while Docklands Solutions may look unable to make anything incorrect. Safety Mint was there earlier. Organizational civilization is easy affected by success. clip and external influences. Docklands Solutions demands to work on prolonging ( Hayes. 2007 ) their existing civilization and non be excessively self-satisfied.


For a company to boom with the new demands on concern today. it has to detect good patterns in footings of teamwork. construct a concrete organisational construction and promote a positive organisational civilization. Based on the features of Safety Mint and Docklands Solutions. it would look that the latter has a better opportunity of success in concern today. On the other manus. the history of Safety Mint can non be denied. At most the chief concern with the company is concern weariness. This is a common happening with older concerns. One that even Docklands Solutions should be wary about.

In decision it could be said that to last the demands on concerns today. a company must construct on features that would stand the trial of clip. It should non merely see what are best patterns for success but should besides hold good foresight to make a strong foundation that can defy the menace of concern weariness.


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