People Who Look for Excitement and Danger Are Foolish

1 January 2017

Often we feel pity for those people who have died or got injured while doing something dangerous. So is the case with those who are too weak or scared to look for any kind of excitement. So what exactly is the worseโ€ฆnot to look for excitement or to get hurt on the path of danger? This is the question I will be answering, and with the help of a few choice words, I will hopefully make my point. The fact is that, often are people too lethargic or too contended with simple everyday business that they dare not go forward for any kind of thrill.

I am against this. People should enjoy life and have fun and not be scared of getting hurt. Of course, often people do get injured but that is a small price for exhilaration and should not dampen any oneโ€™s spirits. And if proper care is taken then one needs not fret for any calamities and causalities that might occur.

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People Who Look for Excitement and Danger Are Foolish
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Proper staff and gear; that is a basic necessity of any adventure of wherever. Good health and fitness also comes in handy. If people do not do anything for fun and excitement then assuredly this world would have been a dull and boring place.

People would neither know the joy of adrenaline pumping through their veins nor the thrill of having death chase them around. It is not at all foolish to look for danger and excitement. Actually, it is foolish to just sit around and wait for the end of your life rather than chase it down a mountainside or across a river. On the other hand, I am not suggesting that people should go crazy and harm themselves and the ones around them. No, I do not support that. Merely I am saying that it is understandable to look for fun and thrill, and not foolish to do it.

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