Pepsi and Coke

6 June 2017

Coke and Pepsi Coke and Pepsi are both two big companies in the world which are known by cola. Pepsi is the biggest competitor of coke. The Coca-Cola Company is the world’s largest manufacturer, distributor and beverage company(No author, 2009-6-26) Pepsi company Is also a transnational corporation with long history. Each ot them has blg market In the world. However, a comparison of Pepsi and coke reveals several similarities but a great number of differences. Coke and Pepsi are similar in a number of ways.

Hrst they are both leaders of everage companles In the world. coca-cola currently otters nearly 400 brands In over 200 countries and serves 1. 5 billion servings each day. obviously coca-cola Is very strong In beverage companies. It has an important position In the beverage market, especially In the USA and some European countries. Pepsi is the same. Pepsi dudes widely known brands, innovative products, and powerful market skills.

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In addition Pepsi plans to drive sustainable water practices and improve countryside water In china, India and Atrlca (Sodapop 2008-2-1).

These actions all show Pepsi’s strong power. The major difference Is that coke only focus on soft drink. however Pepsi has many production on other areas. Second, Pepsi and Coke both have long history. Coca Cola was invented by a doctor named John Pemberton trom Atlanta, Georgia In May, 1880, so coke has more than 120 years’ history. coke was first sold at the soda fountain In Pharmacy In 1886. It Is so funny. Because Coke was not sold as a drink, however It is one kind of medicine In original. Pepsi also has long history.

It was born in the Carolinas in 1898 and Invented by Bradham (Bob and Tom 2009). Pepsi and Coke were born at a similar age. They all experienced more than 120 years. Despite these similarities, Pepsi and Coke differ greatly In several ways. Coke company is focus on one area. For example all production made by coke are soft drinks. Whatever Sprite and Fanta they are all brands of beverage. So beverage is the only way which Coke go straight. However Pepsi is different from Coke, Pepsi purchased many subsidiaries.

Pepsi work on a wide area, this is the bggest difference with coke. A final major difference between Pepsi and Coke is about their main production Cola. Turning to nutritional content, Pepsi has slightly more sugar, calories, and caffeine, Coke has slightly more sodium (Lubin is why Pepsi tends to win the Pepsi challenge. However the most Important matter Is brand. And coke’s campaign of advertisements on TV. It is clear that the differences and similarities between Pepsi and Coke. In conclusion they all have their own special advantages.

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