Pepsi Print Ad Analysis

2 February 2017

Although Coca Cola justified it by saying that its competitors had similar levels of acidity content, it launched a public campaign regarding quality control to target the quality and health conscious and maintain their position in the market with a “safe” drink. The Ad line at the bottom of the Print Ad, “Ask it for either way…

both trademarks mean the same” is to inform the public that both the names are the same drink. Coke was the initial name, and it was rebranded as Coca Cola.But there was always a threat of brand diminishment, and also lack of response towards Coca Cola. Coke had already established itself in the market, and the fall in the market presence of the brand ‘Coke’ and the increased presence of the brand ‘Coca Cola’ would create an uncertainty about the sales of the product. Therefore such an ad campaign was essential to inform the consumers, so that they wouldn’t differentiate between the two brands and relished Coca Cola the way they relished Coke.Analysis of the Images The images depict the production line of Coca Cola, where finished products of Coke are shown in line. This is to depict that Coke takes all the necessary measures to maintain high quality in its products, and that the quality of all the bottles that it produces is the same and does not differ from one another.

The bottles also use the name Coca Cola and not Coke, thereby promoting the new brand.

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